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Keep Personal Stuff Out of The Minibar at MGM Grand (Or Pay The Price)

February 14, 2013 at 1:39 PM | by | ()

Remember the good old days when you could stuff your store-bought bottles of Coke and water in the minibar refrigerator, thus avoiding those hefty minibar fees? Remember when you could also crack open a minibar bottle of vodka Sprite, down it, then fill it back up with water, with the minibar man none the wiser? Or, maybe that was just us.

Anyways, at the MGM Grand, they don't want any of your crap cluttering up their brand new minibars. This is the sign that they now place on top of the drinks (which are all sensor-operated, too).

On the one hand, it is good to know that in case you have stuff that does need to be refrigerated -- medicines, baby bottles, a stash of Red Bull -- there's an option to keep it all cool that doesn't involve repeated trips to the ice machine. On the other hand, it is $35. But, that does beat the penalty fee of $50 so there's that.

And, for what it's worth, the minibars at MGM Grand are pretty well-stocked. Aside from the usual accoutrements -- Coke, water, juice, Budweiser -- they also sell gourmet items like white-chocolate covered raisins ($15), coconut water and Hylunia skin products. But, just remember, if you even slightly move one of these items, you will be charged. So make sure that high-end therapeutic bath soak is worth it.

Archived Comments:

Will they really know?

If you rest something thin on top of the bottles, will the additional weight trigger a sensor?  I'd be surprised if it was that sophisticated.


How sensitive is the weight trigger?  Couldn't you buy whatever is the minibar at the 7 eleven and drink the cold stuff in the fridge and replace it with what was bought at the store?  This way you're paying retail prices and not resort prices?  Surely someone has already thought of this.

Another city

We have tried to outsmart the minibar in another city and it has never worked. It's amazing how sophisticated those things are.

PS..To Chatter: Please do something about the Haw. Islands ad box that is next to the comment box. My mouse is nowhere near the ad but I still get the "roll over to expand" video.



Thanks for the heads up. We'll get on it.

Lets see

Lets see... Piss off the maid by NOT TIPPING and she accidentally BUMPS THE WHOLE BAR.


 to bad the wi-fi doesn't work as good !!!!!