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'Speed: The Ride' Super Fans Won't Let Its Memory Die

February 13, 2013 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

We'd heard the skeleton of Speed: The Ride was hidden in plain sight, somewhere near the Strip. But, we didn't know where. Remember the roller coaster located on the outside of the Sahara? When the Sahara closed so did the ride. But, it was meant to re-open a few miles down the Strip, opposite Mandalay Bay, as the highlight of a new retail and entertainment complex called Akita Plaza. This grand idea included a tightrope walking school. And, you've never heard of it, because they never built it. Yet. We've heard no progress about this very large development for some time.

Breslin Builders were in charge of the move and the mothballing. And they, like us all, wait to see what will happen. Like its neighbor, the also much promised Skyvue Super Wheel, we don't hold our breath in waiting for news. Breslin has a permit until the end of April to keep the coaster in this location. Perhaps, then, we'll learn the next chapter of this saga.

We'd never have found this coaster graveyard ourselves as we never imagined a theme park ride could fold flat. We were looking for something more prominent. So, kudos to Jan Olejnik and Martin Valt for taking the extra effort to track this location down and taking these photos. We at least now know a piece of recent Vegas history is still in safe hands.

And, just to prove how badly some folks miss this ride, check out this video created by Zach Clarke who built a mini version of the coaster in his bedroom. Seriously. To him and all you hardcore ride fans, we salute your dedication and one day hope to bring you the first good word about Speed: The Ride's return to The Strip.

[Photos: Jan Olejnik, Martin Valt at Rollercoaster Database]

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