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Exploring The Restaurants Of Downtown Grand

February 14, 2013 at 8:00 PM | by | ()

We've asked your top questions and previewed two of its rooms, now it's time to turn our focus to the coming restaurants of Downtown Grand. Taking over the shuttered towers of downtown Las Vegas' Lady Luck but ripping everything down to the steel and concrete and starting anew, Downtown Grand will open late this year. The state of things, as of this week, can be seen through the images on this page.

When Downtown Grand does make its debut (right now, no specific date has been released), there will be 650 rooms and suites, gaming, a rooftop pool, and 17 restaurants and bars to choose from. Yes, 17. And, we're not talking Taco Bell.

Fifth Street Gaming, owners of the new venture, spoke to us about the restaurant concepts it will bring to downtown. And, in doing so, revealed a mindfulness to what we all want from a dining experience when it boils down to it -- good food that's not fast crap we regret later, comfy seating and.. let's face it.. in this day and age, handy electrical outlets and WiFi. To which, Downtown Grand plans to check all the boxes.

Design boards for five of the restaurant concepts can be found in the photo gallery below. They'll prove insightful as we walk you through the concepts Fifth Street Gaming executives filled us in on. First up, Stewart + Ogden, described as a "diner bistro with soul" will be found in the resort's east tower. The design will be a rich palette of blues, purples, and golds with a checkerboard floor, tin ceiling, cozy booths, and more. Named after two streets that bracket the resort, the menu will be a playful 'this or that' presentation with Stewart presenting more traditional dining choices and Ogden offering up more 'wild card' eats.

Another option? A yet-to-be-named Chinese restaurant, located right off the gaming floor in the east tower, and dipped in red, a color that symbolizes happiness. Guests will enter via a Chinese character and find a mixture of communal dining and screened seating. Red wooden slats will cover its ceiling in a nod to the traditional red rooflines of the culture. The menu, were promised, will be authentic. Chefs from Chinatown (LA's) and mainland China are being consulted.

If you haven't heard yet, a popular downtown destination will close when Downtown Grand debuts. But, that will be a good thing. Mob Bar will move from its current location to the ground floor of Downtown Grand's east tower. Yes, right across the street from the Mob Museum. We see what they did there. It will occupy a larger space, with high ceilings and a stage. We hear other changes would blow our minds.

If you're in search of more fast casual fare, The Commissary will be your dining destination. It will offer a collection of "curated" brands, including Daily Kitchen, I ♥ Burgers (yes, a sister to Venetian's), a coffee shop, a dumpling joint and more. In the ground floor of the west tower, this won't be your typical food court. And, we get the feeling that executives would probably cringe at that term. They tell us there concept would eliminate the barriers presented by typical, erm, food court experiences. You know, not being able to get fries here, a smoothie there, and pay for it all together. Instead, we're told, you'll be able to fill your tray with something from here or there, your choice, and all on one point of sale. There will be lots of 'found' furniture here, with many shared spaces. And, lots of outlets and WiFi, too.

Another interesting discovery? The Commissary will morph into a nightspot three or four nights a week. With a DJ. But, they make it clear, one you can sing along, too. The Commissary's walls will all open up, making it a rolickin' indoor/outdoor affair.

Two more interesting highlights to impart. The Spread will be the sportsbook deli and found in the east tower. Think corned beef sandwiches and pickles here. And, lastly, room service. Again, the term curated pops up here. It won't be pages upon pages. The emphasis on thought more than breadth. You will find things like coffee delivered in a thermos with mugs. Cookies and milk. But, here's where they really caught our attention -- all of its restaurants will offer straight-to-your-room delivery. Aww, sookie sookie now. Hear that downtown hotels? You just got served.

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