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So, There Are SLS Vegas Model Rooms In The Sahara, Err, SLS

February 14, 2013 at 9:38 PM | by | ()

Yes, we repeat, there are already SLS Vegas model rooms in the Sahara. We were just as shocked to hear it. VegasChatter fan Danial Mente wins the smooth operator award of the year after informing us that he was able to talk his way inside Sahara yesterday (and, we're just going to keep calling it Sahara until the sign comes down, fyi) and into being shown model rooms for SLS.


Just don't count on your being able to do it, too. Especially, after this post. Sorry, in advance.

Danial tells us that aside from seeing a musty smelling, leaky, walls missing, sad Vegas Sahara, he was also shown model room product in not one, but two towers. He wasn't allowed to take any pictures, but describes what he found as clean (thank goodness) and trendy with a color scheme of white and light gray. Which would be in keeping with the accommodations found at SLS South Beach and SLS Beverly Hills. Or, in other words, every other SLS. (Click the hyperlinks to view rooms at each of those hotels and to get an idea of what may be coming here.)

VegasChatter asked a spokesperson for SLS Vegas about the models and were told that they are "inspiration for what will be at SLS" but that "sbe (the company that owns the property) is still finalizing the concepts."

We'll bring that to you when it's officially released. Or earlier, if Danial sees them first. SLS Vegas is set to open in the fall of 2014.

(PHOTOS: Danial Mente)

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Will believe

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With the timeline they're giving. 1,600 renovated hotel rooms in one year's time? Me thinks they'll push their expected date back some.