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See The Las Vegas Dice At Vegas' New Sports Arena

February 15, 2013 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Did you hear about that new Las Vegas sports arena? Not for baseball, football or basketball. Nope, for the World Professional Billiard League.

Last year, we accidentally ran across the American Poolplayers Association championship at the Riviera and, seeing the hoards of players and fans, it made us wonder about all the stickmen and women in this town. Downtown recently opened Backstage Bar & Billiards in Fremont East. But, for the truly committed, a new league has started up with dozens of professional players and all based out of Vegas.

Located near McCarran, the "arena" as they call it, has a video production facility and the League's offices. And, the game they'll play, is Bonus Ball.

This spin on the traditional game takes elements from nine ball, straight pool and snooker and throws in a whole bunch of new rules. First player to 21 points wins. There are rules on potting order. Different points per colored ball. And, there's a countdown clock on a flashy scoreboard. Twelve cities are represented by 36 players who'll compete in 132 matches with team names like the Atlanta Scorpions and the Pittsburgh Poison. Locals can root for Las Vegas Dice.

All the games will be played in the new W.P.B.L. arena with tiered spectator seating and online pay-per-view coverage will be available if you can't make it.

But, here's where things get weird. The arena was meant to be be built and ready to go when the league launched on November 8. But, according to their website, "due to fraud and numerous illegal activities, the construction crew has now been fired." Revoked business licenses, fake permits and goodness knows what else welcome this sport to Sin City. Right know, they have the logos, teams and building, but no schedule as yet. So, if you interested, you can get in on the ground floor of a new spectator sport. We've included the promotional video below. You'll either be all in, or wonder what on earth happened to billiards. Seriously.

(Photos/Video: Las Vegas Dice)

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