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10 Awesome Things That Would Happen If Britney Came To Vegas

February 15, 2013 at 7:47 PM | by | ()

Rumors have been fast and furious that Britney is thisclose to a Vegas residency. For reals. Maybe.

When we heard this new round of whispers about a long-rumored show finally coming true, we wanted to scream, and shout and let it all out. But, in a remix'd sort of way, of course. This VegasChatter’er has been a Britney fan since her Mickey Mouse Club days and can’t wait to see Brit Brit return to the stage in a big, Vegas way. Here's why:

1. Drag Queen Britney vs. Real Britney

A lip sync for your life!

2. Britney Look-A-Likes, Everywhere!

Because there aren’t enough scantily clad hotties (and drag queens) on The Strip already.

3. Britney-Themed Food And Cocktails

I’ll have the Britney burger. Hold the crazy, please. Not only will restaurants be packed on the night of her shows, bars will, too. And, we expect to order lots of pink, fufu drinks. Another round of Womanizers, please. Gimme, gimme more.

4. Britney merchandise

Consider our “Oops, I Did It Again” t-shirt ordered.

5. Her Face, Everywhere!

Gaudy and tacky? Yes. But, it’s Britney, so we are going to LOVE it.

6. An Outrageous Vegas Arrival

Bigger than parachuting onto The Strip. Bigger than a parade of horses. Bigger than when she danced atop the Bellagio lake. Not sure what, but it’ll be sure to stop traffic.

7. A Vegas Media Storm

Called Hurricane Britney, cameras, paparazzi, PR people, celebrities, and herds of uber fans will descend upon Vegas. And, TVs, newspapers, magazines and the web will be all Britney... and Las Vegas, all the time.

8. Britney Sightings

Sure, she’ll be heavily guarded. But, Britney is known to get out and about and look super normal/borderline weird doing so. Will we see Britney at the Fashion Show Mall's Starbucks? At the buffet? Heel ratting it up outside Marquee? It wouldn’t be her first time taking a public, barefoot stroll.

9. The First Cool Resident Headliner On The Strip

Shania, Faith and Celine -– you’re amazing, but you’re just not as cool as Britney. More respected? Probably. But, we didn’t hate you for dating Justin Timberlake, or credit any of you for the return of dance-y pop music, or try to look and dance like you. Sorry. Oh, and CeeLo is cool, too. If being a flamboyantly dressed one hit (OK, two hit) wonder is cool.

10. The Return Of The Amazing Entertainer We All Grew To Love

Remember Britney before the head shaving, baby having, X-Factor hosting train wreck. The gorgeous, blonde teen queen with midriff-baring rhinestone bodysuits and hot dance moves? She could lip sync her whole Vegas show, and people would still pay to see her. Why? Because. It’s Britney, bitch.

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