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If You Didn't Know, Starbucks Card Perks Not Accepted at Casino Starbucks

February 18, 2013 at 1:26 PM | by | ()

Pretty much every casino on The Strip has at least one Starbucks. Three alone are on the way to CityCenter. The prices may be jacked and the lines may be long, but our ice grande skinny caramel macchiatto no whip can almost always be had during our jaunts to Sin City.

What can't be had, however, is our Starbucks Gold benefits or other Starbucks rewards as this sign on the pastry case at the Starbucks at MGM Grand reminds us. What this means is no free drinks even if your Starbucks loyalty card has earned it. (Previously, before Starbucks changed their rewards system, Gold status also meant you could get free syrups and free refills as well.)

And, the reason why casino Starbucks don't honor the Starbucks card reward is because they are licensed Starbucks, not real Starbucks. So, while they look like a Starbucks and act like a Starbucks, they are actually owned by the casinos who have decided not to funk around with the Starbucks rewards program. You can read more on licensed Starbucks here. And, now you know....

Got another coffee observation about Vegas, Starbucks or otherwise? We wanna hear it! Put your java observations in comments below!

Archived Comments:

Cards can be used for $

As a Gold card member since 2008 I can tell you that they do not take them for any of the discounts, but most will take them for the cash on them. So...if you have $ they will swipe them and use them, but they will not count towards free drinks.


This is also the reason most casino starbucks don't offer wifi.

Yes, you can still use your card

@lasvegasshawn, thanks for commenting with that. I meant to make that point clear. The card is accepted but you can't use the rewards. Also in another issue, most aren't equipped to take mobile payment. They have to manually enter the card number. But that's another story!


I just stopped by the Red Rock Starbucks and was reminded that at some casino Starbucks they allow refills for cheap with a receipt. This could be handy for conference people. My Venti refill would be .76 instead of $2.50.

Not bad even though real Starbucks offer free refills because of my addiction. :)