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Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls Are Ready To Knock You On Your Ass

February 18, 2013 at 5:29 PM | by | ()

We think we've finally found the sport Las Vegas deserves. And, they have a big event coming up at South Point.

We recently introduced you to the Las Vegas Dice, the local World Professional Billiards team that are part of a whole new league. We're more excited about discovering the Fabulous Sin City Rollergirls who operate four local teams, and two national, in the world of women’s flat track roller derby. (There's no raised bank like in Rollerball. But, we think these ladies would do just fine in that world, too.)

Your local teams are The Notorious VIP, Hoover Damned, Flying Aces and Tommy Gun Terrors. Vegas also hosts two traveling teams, The All-Stars and Black Spade Betties. There's a very loyal and vocal fan base. And, the players seem equally devoted. Their website states, "You have to be a badass to be a rollergirl," before presenting a "Hall of Pain" gallery of on-track injuries. The ladies have sharp monikers like "Violet Tendencies" and "Dolce & Grab On Ya." They're playing for keeps. And, having a seriously good time doing it.

A match lasts two, 30-minute sessions. They do have rules and we've included a video introduction to the basics below. You'll learn about jammers and blockers. One team blocks the other. Get your team member in front of the opposition, you score a point. Team with most points wins. All the while skating 'round a track. And, looking awesome doing it.

The upcoming big game is February 23 with our Sin City Rollergirls All-Stars competing against the Midnight Terrors from Utah. We're calling it a grudge match. They are probably all grudge matches. This is take-no-prisoners competing. It all kicks off at 6 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 on the day. And, the rollergirls have a full season of future games ahead, too. Here's a video of a previous battle. Wouldn't you rather have these ladies represent our city than a new NBA franchise?

And, here are the basic rules:

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