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Top Notch BBQ The Restaurant Exceeds All Expectations

Where: 9310 S. Eastern Ave. Suite 124 [map], 89123
February 19, 2013 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

The Top Notch BBQ restaurant has a lot to live up to. The Top Notch BBQ truck made some of the best BBQ anywhere in the states and our expectations were high. In theory, the restaurant should only make things better since we could comfortably sit and eat everything fresh. Well, the theory was 100% correct. Yowza!

Pulling up to Top Notch BBQ, we were greeted by the smoker that we've come to recognize from being outside of the Top Notch BBQ truck. There are some comforts in familiarity. If the meat was still smoked the same way it was on the truck, we expected to be in for a great lunch. Lunch did not disappoint.

Like most restaurants off the Strip, Top Notch BBQ is located in an unassuming strip mall. This strip mall is near Green Valley Ranch in Henderson. (Check out the map here.) The smoker is just chillin' outside, inviting people into the huge restaurant. The day we visited, there were just a handful of other groups grabbing lunch which made the empty restaurant look even larger then it probably is.

This writer's choice for lunch? The pulled pork sandwich for $9.99. The sandwich is topped with cole slaw and we ordered up mac 'n cheese for the side. The pulled pork was as good as we remember it from the truck, but the meal itself was better. There is something to be said for a hot, fresh meal served on a plate and not in a styrofoam box. Everything on the plate maintained its integrity. The coleslaw isn't prepared with too much mayo and it was still crunchy. The slaw added a nice bit of acid to the pulled pork. Since the bread was freshly toasted, it remained crispy and had a little crunch and the perfect bottom for our sandwich. The top of the bun was discarded to make sure that there was ample room for the pork. The mac 'n cheese was not especially good or bad. It was just there.

Our friend has been to Top Notch BBQ four times since they opened in December and have ordered the ribs every time. This friend knows his meat and seeing the excitement in his eyes when the ribs were served was amazing. Eating the same thing every time you visit a restaurant usually says something good about that dish. That's how this writer feels about the pulled pork. Our friend's 1/2 rack of ribs dinner (for lunch) was about $13. Not bad.

If the excitement over the food wasn't enough, the service at Top Notch BBQ is great. Drinks never went empty and every time the waitress walked to the table she had a smile. Lunch was pleasant and this was a great excuse for this writer to make his first trip to the nearby Green Valley Ranch.

Note: Writing this review and looking at these pictures made this writer slobber with excitement. He's returning to Top Notch BBQ for lunch today.

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Great review

I really appreciate these reviews. We normally stay in hotels on the strip but are eating on the strip less and less. It's just not a good all around value to eat at the hotel restuarants on LV Blvd.
We don't mind paying for a fine meal at Craftsteak-so worth the money- but we have noticed that most of the restaurants on the strip are way, way overpriced.
So....Top Notch sounds like a pretty good deal.
I wonder what this meal would cost on the strip?


Your ((Check out the map ">here.) LINK is broke. It just takes you back to the same page.  8*)


The link to the map is now fixed - sorry about that, thanks for the heads up!


Thanks. Gilley's has BBQ and their prices are probably 10%-20% higher. There are lots of values off the strip but not as many BBQ joints.

BBQ at Ellis ISland

Ellis Island is one block off the strip. Right behind FLamingo. they have good cheap BBQ as well. Plus, the microbrew on site is a perk!