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Former Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman Will Marry You At The Plaza

February 19, 2013 at 3:12 PM | by | ()

Don't know how we missed this one. How'd you like to get married by the former hizzoner Oscar Goodman? Vegas' favorite, controversial, thrice-elected official is now officiating wedding ceremonies at the Plaza, for anyone willing to pony up the extra bucks.

We actually had to dig around to find the cost, but The "Mobster Ceremony" includes the wedding and the chance to "enjoy a specialty martini toast for up to 12 guests." Oscar really, really enjoys Bombay Sapphire gin martinis. Cost of becoming part of Vegas lore? $3,000. That's an add-on to their regularly priced wedding packages. But, you'll have an anecdote that rates a step higher than a fake Elvis minister in our book.

After the proceedings, they can organize a reception at, where else, Oscar's restaurant. We couldn't find a price on that upgrade. But, we hope they give you the nice table by the window.

The Plaza's wedding brochure is available here and non-celebrity ceremonies start at $399 including "Personalized marquee announcements," making you a momentary celebrity.

As long as he doesn't hurry the special day along, Mr. Mayor is quite the raconteur and we predict he'd do a nice job. Maybe you'll wrangle a few fun tall tales out of him. If you do, do tell us.

And, we had to wonder exactly how did Mr. Goodman generate his legal ministerial powers? We went looking. Oscar is a minister with the Universal Life Church. His fellow famous colleagues include John Lennon, Glenn Beck and Sharon Stone. You know, the actress who starred in that scene in the movie, "Casino," where she sat at the same nice Plaza restaurant window table we hope you'll get after your wedding.

We also wondered how much it would take to become a minister in this church? $49.99. We're looking into it. VegasChatter weddings will be a lot cheaper, we guarantee. Maybe we'll arrange them at the Downtown Denny's wedding chapel that'll be coming along soon. Look out, Oscar. We're nipping at your heels.

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I already am

I already hold a Universal Life Church ordination. I'd be happy to do weddings for Vegas Chatter... if the price is right.