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FYI, Crystals Has Shops

February 19, 2013 at 5:40 PM | by | ()

Recently, Crystals started to quietly roll out a new, updated, let-us-spell-it-out-for-you rebranding that centers around an expanded name -- The Shops at Crystals. The high-end shopping center mecca has also ditched a CityCenter location reference for an Aria name check, instead. Perhaps, due to a sign from above?

To further tip folks off who are unsure of what a Crystals is, there's a new ad campaign being put into place (as pictured above) and Crystals' social media channels have been updated as well. You'll now find them listed as The Shops at Crystals on Facebook and TheShops at Crystals on Twitter. (Although, both website addresses and the official Twitter handle still refer to CrystalsLV.) Crystals' website, crystalsatcitycenter.com, is likely the next in line for a change.

(Images: SK+G Public Relations on Facebook, @CrystalsLV on Twitterc)

Archived Comments:


All of these changes seem to be in sharp contrast to Richard Lane's notorious puff-piece from last June, detailing Crystal's invisible-yet-apparently-successful market presence.  Why change what supposedly was never broken?


The word on the street has always been that they've done well, but I'm sure that 'well' can always been improved on.

In a side note: Executives say they may consider selling Crystals down the road, if the price is right. Here's an RJ piece on that: click here. Distancing themselves from CityCenter and creating a clearer image of who they are will likely make them look even more attractive to potential buyers and bring in those dolla' bills, y'all.