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It's A Man's World At Nobu Hotel Inside Caesars Palace

February 4, 2013 at 2:28 PM | by | ()

The first Nobu Hotel is here. And, it's a man's world, baby.

Named after a male chef (Nobu Matsuhisa) who partnered with an award-winning male actor (Robert De Niro) and a male Hollywood producer (Mier Teper), Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace was created by a male designer (David Rockwell, pictured above).

We point that only because our first impressions of the first ever hotel of its kind was distinctly masculine. Yes, it features the same neutral contemporary palette that has defined today's modern hotel, but still it lacked the pops of color, the moments of plushness, the unexpected touches that make other decors softer and less stark. More feminine, if you will. Even the robes are thin and a bit rough to the touch. No suggly comfort here.

Sure, there's the dramatic, in-your-face elements of the sweeping calligraphy along its walls and the bold, patterned carpeting that's meant to evoke "sand and gestural paintings." But, what's missing is what you'll ironically find in the official photos for Nobu Hotel, just not in the actual accommodation itself. Granted, we were only in Nobu's standard rooms for just a few minutes as part of a media preview. However, above all else, this is what struck us most. We show photo-by-photo examples below. While these accommodations may not be our first choice, aesthetically; access to a delectable, 24-hour Nobu room service menu will set this hotel-within-a-hotel apart from all else. And, trust us, the food alone should get you here.

Nobu Hotel offers 181 rooms and suites within the former Centurion Tower. The starting rate is around $249 a night. Make reservations by visiting nobucaesarspalace.com or calling 800.727.4923.

Comparing Nobu Official Photos against Nobu Reality



Notice the removal of the tall vase on the vanity with the flowering branches.

Also, towel tree, shoved against trash can, shoved against toilet. Umm, no.



No books. No pillows. No accent bowl. No framed prints artfully propped on the nearby shelf. (It's nailed to the wall now.) No throw. No tall vase with flowering branches (again).

(PHOTO: At top, © Erik Kabik/ erikkabik.com; all others, VegasChatter)

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