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Say It Ain't So: Caesars Adding Resort Fees

February 20, 2013 at 5:41 PM | by | ()

Uh, oh. The showgirls are gonna be pissed now.

Major updates at the bottom of this post!

Are you sitting down? Resort fees are about to hit the fan again. You may recall our disappointment was so severe last year over news the Cosmopolitan was adding a resort fee that we named it the Biggest Dissappointment of 2012. VegasChatter's annual Resort Fee Guide always draws plenty of opinions on their usefulness or lack there of. Many readers confirmed they would stick to Caesars Entertainment which was so proud of its no resort fee policy, it once created a marketing campaign with angry showgirls to remind everyone they were above resort fees.

No more. Vegas.com is reporting that effective March 1 Caesars Entertainment properties will also tack on the much dreaded Ticketmaster resort fee. Sigh. Sigh. One more: F*&$ing SIGH. Caesars Entertainment resort fees will reportedly start at $10 for The Quad and go up to $25 at Caesars Palace. The report indicates this covers admission for two to spa facilities, in-room internet access for one device, and all local phone calls.

Hotel operators seem to still be in the dark according to VegasChatter readers. We have queries into reps and will keep readers updated. Unfortunately, this is one gamechanger we didn't see coming for this year.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news today, readers. That announcement leaves LVH, M Resort, and South Point as about the only resort fee free properties outside of Downtown. Guess we can draft the biggest disappointment of 2013 early.

2.21 Update, 10:16 a.m. PST: Caesars Entertainment has yet to respond to our queries about this report. Vegas.com has since pulled the post from its site. We have it on good authority, however, that a resort fee is on its way.

2.21 Update, 12:06 p.m. PST: Caesars Entertainment officially confirms resort fees to begin March 1. Will range from $10 to $25 a night. This is the prepared statement from Gary Thompson:

Based on the current industry standards in the market and evaluation of the services our guests choose and use, a comprehensive package of bundled services and amenities proves to be the best and most meaningful value to our guests. This is in response to the increasing demand from our guests to provide a package price instead of the inconvenience of separate fees. We continue to do all we can to provide our guests with the best value, best products and best experiences in Las Vegas.

Caesars Ent. reps say the resort fee will "offer a mix of amenities and services including Wi-fi, local calls and fitness center access. The resort fees are in line with standard practices by many resorts in Las Vegas and worldwide."

2.21 Update, 12.30 p.m. PST: Caesars Entertainment reports that resort fees will be charged to bookings secured on March 1 and beyond.

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Archived Comments:


 (Not directed at Caesers obviously, since they haven't even implemented them yet) Do any of the casinos allow you to opt out of all the "frill" services at check in time, to have it marked on your account and avoid resort fees?


No.  Sure would be nice though.  I couldn't even tell you MGM resorts fees get you.  With spa access included those spas are going to be jam packed.


No, usually that is not an option. Some resorts will drop it if you're staying as part of a comp, though. Some, however, won't, even if you're room is 'free.'


Very very disappointing!! Only reason I stayed at their properties. Guess for my next visit will have more options!!

Decline? Why, yes.

There is one place on the strip where resort fees are optional and that is at TI.  :)


If those resort fees for the Caesars properties are going to be across the board...like if they are going to bleed over to Atlantic City.

Although when I come to Vegas, I typically stay at Gold Coast or the Orleans...they have resort fees...which are a bit of a joke, but they are $3 and $5 respectively I think...What I truly think is ironic is that at the Orleans, you have to pay for wifi in your room, but if you go to the coffee shop it's free there.

Free Local Calls

Because no one has cell phones these days..


According to the original article, it was to be limited to Nevada properties.


Not cool Caesars.  I will be taking my talents to an MGM Property in June.  Thanks.

this stinks

I'll be at PH in 11days, I'll let ya know if they try to hit me up w. a resort fee, bc if they do ill go awol since i'm on a comp. Man, i knew this day would come--- but i didnt think it would be 2013

anti resort fee facebook group is gone

How could this be after the massive campaign against resort fees?  Ads everywhere.  Showgirls boycotting on the strip.  They had a Facebook page dedicated to the cause and it has mysteriously disappeared.  So sad, I won't support them comped or not just because I have now lost trust in the brand.

About Dates

If they are saying it will start March 1st, this means reservations made from that point on will have a resort fee added to it. It has to do with the time you created the reservation, NOT your check in date. So, people that already have reservations for, lets say 2014, will not be charged a resort fee. This is how it went down at the Bellagio when they implemented RF's. I believe at CP it will be the same.

About local phone calls, it is a big deal for international travelers.

Package Price

Why not increase daily room rates and include all those "amenities" (local calls, ha!) instead?  That would avoid the "inconvenience of separate fees" and allows them to continue touting "no resort fees".

The only reasoning I can think is that would price their rooms higher on search engines than other hotels that separate the cost through a resort fee.  Given the choice I would learn toward the hotel that included these costs in the base room rate.

Keep it simple, folks!

bunch of liars

How disappointing.. they are full of it..
look at them backtracking from this article
<a href="http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/aug/12/harrahs-sees-resort-fee-anger/">http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2010/aug/12/harrahs-sees-resort-fee-anger/</a>
they even had a domain vegasnoresortfees.com

The inconvenience of having multiple fees?
I'm on vacation, i'm not using the fitness center, a newspaper is worthless as I read news on my cell phone, the same cell phone that I make calls with, so I certainly don't need to use a room phone, If I want to use wifi, ill pay, I dont want to be forced to pay.

If they really cared, they would let you opt out if you don't want to use that stuff..

epic fail caesars

"increasing demand"

This is my favorite part of the statement:

"This is in response to the increasing demand from our guests to provide a package price instead of the inconvenience of separate fees."

I'm sure there is an overwhelming demand to be charged up front for stuff you may or may not use.

I get it...resort fees were inevitable. But stop being full of sh!t.

Don't use

I don't understand why you have to pay for services that some people, like me, will never use when staying in Vegas.  I guess there will be no such thing as a comped room now!  If you want what they are offering under the resort fee then by all means pay for it.  Why sould you pay for services you are never going to use???

Caesars Resort Fee Likely Helps MGM Resorts.....

Considering the quality of the rooms at the bulk of their properties, it makes MGM Resorts more and more attractive and may see folks jump ship. Even places like Circus Circus and Excalibur have nicer rooms than The Quad, South Tower at Bally's.  

If room rates are similar, people my opt to stay at an MGM property even though the resort fee may be a few dollars higher and the room quality will likely be better.  


So if I booked my stay at Harrah's back in January via Expedia - on the sole fact that they didn't charge resort fee's - does that mean I'm exempt from paying them because I booked before March 1st??

From seniortravel.aboutus.com

You may be able to negotiate directly with your hotel if you don't intend to use the items or services covered by the resort fee. The best time to do this is when you are checking in. Ask about the resort fee and what it covers. Explain that you don't plan to take advantage of these services and ask to have the fee waived. This tactic may or may not work; you may have to pay the resort fee even if you never touch the in-room safe or jump into the pool.

I wrote the FTC and my representatives

Most people are rolling over, I am not.  I will not be forced to pay for services I don't intend to use, and no one else should either.

Forget about Caesars Entertainment

I normally take a week off every 2-3 months and go to Vegas. I have been doing this for the past 15 years. I have always stayed at the Mirage, simply because I love their pool.

I stopped staying at the Mirage (3 years ago) and started staying at ONLY Planet Hollywood/Paris/Caesars because there are no resort fees. Now that they are charging resort fees, I will definitely be going back to the Mirage/MGM/Mandalay. In my opinion, the only thing Harrah's had going for them was the fact that they didn't charge resort fees. Their hotels (with the exception of Caesars) are all outdated, and their restaurants are sub-par. They are going to be losing millions of dollars because of this decision to introduce resort fees.

When I travel to Vegas, I tend to gamble quite a bit. On an average week I will probably lose between $5,000-$10,000 in the casino. I always gamble at the hotel I'm staying at. That is about 20k-40k per year that Harrah's will be losing just from me. I can assure you there are hundreds of thousands of customers out there that feel the same way. I find it ludicrous that a hotel chain that has prided itself (for years) on their "No Resort Fee" policy, to lose this much revenue in gambling loses simply because of a $18.00/day resort fee. They will see by the end of 2013 how much $$$$ they are going to lose, and I guarantee, they will reverse this decision. Hopefully it won't be too late for them to re-establish themselves.

Some hotels in Vegas can get away with charging a resort fee because they stand out above the crowd. Harrah's, Bally's, Flamingo, Quad, and Rio definitely do not qualify as luxury hotels, and do not warrant a resort fee. Harrah's hotels has been cutting corners in every way possible lately. Their restaurants/buffets have all gone down hill. They have canceled the Masquerade Show at the Rio, which in my opinion, was the only entertaining thing about the Rio. They have cut costs on staff (housekeeping/valet/front desk). All of this in an effort to fund their expansion of the Quad, and the new million dollar buffet at Caesars Palace. Now they're going to charge resort fees to pay for the construction of the Quad, which is still the dumpiest/dirtiest hotel/casino in all of Vegas. I seriously think Caesars Entertainment needs to look into replacing their CEO, somebody is making some really stupid decisions down there. That's what happens when you have a manager instead of a LEADER calling all the shots.