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A New Look At The Ever-Changing Linq, Quad And High Roller

February 21, 2013 at 9:03 PM | by | ()

Every week, we get a new glimpse at what a finished Quad, Linq and High Roller will look like. What was once O'Sheas now bears a growing glass-and-silver exterior. Next door, The Quad continues to lose a bit more of its Imperial-ness while adding an orange facade in places. Recently, the renamed property also gained a new exterior logo. Unfortunately, it's atop a building that still screams IP. Meantime, the High Roller observation wheel climbs ever skyward.

VegasChatter fan and all-around awesome guy @John_Nissan on Twitter recently (and happily) took on the huge task of chronically the latest visible changes for us. His fantastic images, all taken during the afternoon of February 19, can be found below.

The Linq, featuring a collection of shops, restaurants, bars and more, will begin to open this December. The High Roller should debut in early 2014. In the meantime, the Las Vegas Sun reports that a revamped section of the Quad's casino could be revealed "as early as March 1."

Where there was once an alley, the Linq takes shape.

A wide angle view of the changing IP/O'Sheas exteriors.

The Quad sees a sign.

Another look at the Quad's new valet entrance.

Inside The Quad, construction walls abound.

The High Roller creeps higher...

...and higher.

And, don't forget that it's easy to watch construction from afar via The Linq's live webcam. We'll bring you regular updates, too.

2.22 Update: To add some perspective, here's a rendering of what the finished Quad/O'Sheas structure will look like:

(Photos: @John_Nissan on Twitter)

Archived Comments:


Really good photos. Thanks John_Nissan! Gotta believe that isn't a cell phone.

I work a block away, and you know more than me!

Not surprising

"I work a block away, and you know more than me!"

When I was in town last August, I knew more about what was going on than the guy who waited on me at Hash House a Go Go in IP did.

great photos

Please submit more any time, sir.  Thanks.


Do they plan on de-Imperialing the roof caps of the hotel?  Man they look nasty, ha!


It pains me to say, no, not all of them. Here's what it will look like in the end. I'll post this at the bottom of this story, too.

So Ugly!

Sorry but ALL of Caesar's properties do not look good.  Paris is decent but IP/Quad, Harrah's, Bally's, etc. have nothing nice to offer.  The HIGH ROLLER is a good addition but they have to make these thing look decent.  

Not everything can be Wynn or Bellagio but at least clean and nice.  Rio (another Harrah's place) is good... nothing fancy but at least it is decent.


Apparently you havent seen the inside of the Quad? It is beautiful.