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One For The Ladies: Your Guide To Getting Vegas Hot

February 22, 2013 at 6:08 PM | by | ()

If you're a resident of Las Vegas or a frequent traveler to Sin City, it's a question you get asked a lot by more newbie visitors -- what should I wear? For the ladies, it gets even more complicated because there's hot. And, then there's *Vegas hot*.
Our recovering Club Kid Brandy Alxander tells the unsure how to do it up in Vegas.

While packing for a trip to Middle Of Nowhere, USA, a friend (who is from Cornfield, Iowa, a similar place) questioned why I was bringing heels and a few cute dresses along. “I thought you were just going to a few small town bars?” she asked. I nodded. “Brandy, where you’re going is no place to wear your sexy dresses and heels. Leave your Vegas club kid look in Vegas.” I soon realized that what’s considered normal here, reads “hooker” everywhere else.

Now, I wasn’t bringing my flashiest club dresses, but they were cleavage enhancing flirty. And, because I wear heels everywhere, I didn’t see a big deal, but if flats are the norm (barf) everywhere else, I would look out of place.

While I figure out whether I should try to fit in, or embrace my “Vegas,” here are some tips for all you non-Vegas girls to help you turn up the heat on your Vegas look. Follow them and your Vegas vacation photos are sure to become the envy of all your Facebook friends. But, if you’d rather stick to a boring more conservative look, there’s always downtown.

1. Work It Out

No one’s saying Vegas is only for skinny people, now. But, with pool season starting next week, don’t say I didn’t warn you of all the beautiful, fit people walking around half naked!

2. Whatever Your Hair Texture, Make The Best Of It

The weather is pretty much always dry in Vegas so don’t worry about humidity getting in the way of your hair looking amazing. Salon services in Vegas are pricey, but sometimes worth the splurge. The hotel room hair dryers are meh so pack your favorite devices!

3. Pull Out And Break In Those Heels

During the day, flats or flip flops are fine, but on a night out, do it big! Nothing makes you feel more like a super model strutting down the Strip and into a night club or restaurant then heels. Break in those high heels and stay in those high heels throughout the night, though. Don’t be that girl that walks around Vegas barefoot. Ew.

No. Just no.

4. Show The Girls Off

Flaunt it if you've got it, or fake it ‘til you make it. One friend told me that she feels the need to cover up the “girls” when she goes back home. But in Vegas, the bustier, the better! Push up bras are a girl’s breast best friend.

5. Raise Those Hemlines

Like cleavage, short dresses that just barely cover your booty are welcome here. In fact, they’re a nightclub staple and many cocktail waitresses uniforms are the same length. Just be careful on the dance floor and be extra careful getting out of cabs. You don’t want to pull a Britney (NSFW!).

6. Lengthen The Lashes

Whether with falsies or just a ton of mascara, lush lashes will make any gal feel extra glam. And, that’s important on a night out in Vegas. But, big lashes anywhere else? That's just trying too hard.

7. Share Your Hotness

What’s the fun in going to Vegas if you can’t share fabulous photos of yourself being there? When your outfit, hair and makeup are right, there’s no need to untag yourself in pictures, that is unless, someone snaps one of you at an unflattering moment.

Do not do.

Ladies, is your look even sexier in Vegas or are you just hot anywhere you go? Did we miss any other ways to get “Vegas hot?” Let us know in the comments below!

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#1 should always be confidence.  Vegas is a town with many many beautiful people but half of them dont know it.  Walk around the clubs and casinos like you own the place and you will always have a fabulous time.  Im not saying be a cocky stuck up B but its amazing how easy it is to get into clubs with just a little confidence.  I am NOT a size 2 but I work it and own it and have the time of my life with little to no line waits or issues.