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The Mirage Updates Its Sportsbook

February 25, 2013 at 2:07 PM | by | ()

When The Mirage opened in 1989, its sportsbook became the first "mega" sportsbook in Las Vegas. This became the sportsbook which all other sportsbooks would try to become. There were great betting options and a great atmosphere. The Mirage sportsbook is rather large with a variety of seating, but if you've been there in the past few years, you may have noticed how out of date it feels. Well, that's changing. The sportsbook at The Mirage is going currently undergoing a metamorphosis into a 2013 book.

The Mirage is currently installing Sony HD TV screens in the sportsbook. In addition, Las Vegas Advisor is reporting they just added an 85-foot wide and 16-foot high display. The timing couldn't be better with March Madness just a few weeks away. This couldn't come soon enough.

This writer really likes the sportsbook at The Mirage and has spent many hours there, but has always been very underwhelmed by the television screens. Thankfully, all that is changing. It looks like we have a new place to watch baseball this summer.

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Archived Comments:

Good place to relax

I liked the Mirage sportsbook because it wasn't so crowded.  They used to give out drinks without those silly "drink tickets"  BTW have all casinos gone to drink tickets now?  I could only image with all the struggles financially.


The Cantor Gaming sportsbooks only give out tix if you bet more than $5K per game. The others on the strip seem hit or miss. Red Rock still give out tickets. I use my apps unless I'm at Red Rock. I just assume they'll say no to my meager $50/$100 wagers.

Times have changed...

(thank for the note EastCoastGambler) I haven't been in Vegas in 3 years and I remember when I was last there even hot spots like the Venetian sportsbook started requiring "drink tickets."  I bet pretty low... $110, $220, or even $55 or $22 and I would get a couple of tickets with these bets.  I guess that has all changed.  Lots of the reason people go to Vegas is because of these fun little freebies (I heard they are charging for tap water at some Buffets, CRAZY STUFF!)