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Inside D Rooms of the D

Where: 301 Fremont Street [map], 89101
February 25, 2013 at 8:09 PM | by | ()

We told you when the D arrived. When it got the F out of downtown. And, that it wasn't done switching things up.

Now, we want to take you inside a standard room at the D, properly, as well as a suite. Both are redesigned (and much improved), with room rates starting at $31 for a standard double and $159 for D Suite.

First, don't be thrown by the hallways leading to its rooms. They reflect the last bits of the old Fitzgeralds that still remain. And, will eventually be upgraded, too. Beyond these halls and within each 300-square-foot standard room, guests will find a decor that's a bit stark with mostly white walls (one accented in red), red-and-black patterned carpet and white beds adorned with, you guessed it, red accents. Amenities include daily Internet, a 32-inch flat-screen TV, and a Keurig coffeemaker. (No, pods are not included with your stay.)

In the two-room D Suites, rooms don't scream luxury, but they do offer loads of space, comfy seating, a wet bar (with two mini fridges), four flat-screen TVs (three of which are in the living room), one kick-ass bath almost (or just) as large as the bedroom, and a masculine design (read: dark grey, dim lighting and ties as art). Check out snapshots from both room types in the photo galleries below.

Now that you know what the rooms look like, how is the stay? Our Mr. Pappagiorgio recently pulled an overnighter at the D. He'll tell us how it went later in the week. Also on tap this week? Photo tours of the D's new grill and steakhouse. We're chowing down at the steakhouse this week and will have a review of that, too, soon.

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It's funny that the Fitz used to be affiliated with Holiday Inn, because had it stayed the course the rooms probably would look EXACTLY the same.  Red accent wall and the red throw on the bed.  I do like the three viewing screens in the suites.  I am a HUGE Big Brother fan and I have been thinking of throwing a premier party this year.  I once threw a finale party in a studio at palms place, which was picked because of the side by side televisions.  Looks like now I will have to decide between Palms Place, the 8 ft projector screens offered in the one bedroom suites at Elara, or here with the three screens at The D...

Just to be clear....

The suites are two rooms not two bedrooms.  One room is the party room, one is for sleeping, or whatever.

the D rooms

Thanks, your article was exactly the input I was wanting about theD rooms. Last trip we stayed at Golden Nugget/Rush Tower(nice room) but we had so much fun at theD so we wanted to try it out. We have always been a Mandalay Bay/MGM trip type couple but we are having fun discovering what downtown has to offer. Totally having fun doing it too. Thanks


You're right! Thanks for the catch. Although the sectional in the living room is large enough to sleep two (crashers) on its own!