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The D's Standard Room Scores A 'C'

Where: 301 Fremont Street [map], 89101
February 27, 2013 at 4:37 PM | by | ()

It may not have wowed us initially with its cryptic name and loooooong bar, but the D quickly won us over after opening. The vibe of the downstairs casino coupled with the old school gaming on the second floor helped the D take home VegasChatter's Best Reopening of 2012. And, on a foodie note, finger food and fresh food have been added and we'll have a firsthand recap of the newest restaurant later this week. (Quick preview: it's gonna make you Drool. See what we did there?) The D has quickly placed itself in a battle with Golden Gate for our fav downtown casino, perhaps by no small coincidence since both are under the same ownership.

Downstairs D: Love it. What are the upstairs hotel rooms like? Earlier this week we brought you on a photo tour of the D's newly redesigned standard room and suite. Personally, we'd never stayed at the Fitz, but it doesn't take a photo scientist to conclude the refresh was a much needed improvement. Readers so far have been finicky, though, with comments ranging from eh and ick to another asking if the furniture was purchased from Target. With pictures speaking 1,000 words, it's sometimes hard to determine which are right so we booked a night at the D to experience an overnight firsthand.

Our review of the D rooms very easily could've been "great mid to upper tier rooms with high end touches that place it amongst downtown's best." Perfect for downtown. And, for many readers it might be. However, as you can see from the room rate comparison below, a standard room at the D can cost the same as a Carson Tower room at the Golden Nugget. Yes, Carson is the Nugget's lowest tier of rooms, but the D does come in much cheaper for the remainder of March.

D standard room rates on left, Golden Nugget Carson Tower on right.

The night of our recent stay, Carson Tower rooms were actually ten dollars cheaper than the D's standard room. Meaning we chose to pay more to stay at the D over the Golden Nugget and naturally compared the two during our specific stay. Seems reasonable that similarly priced hotels just steps from each other should be compared to each other, no? Granted, our D room was $69 so how much lower can the price really drop? About $48 bucks according to that chart so we're sticking with our comparison.

Check-in was a smooth process. So smooth, in fact, we didn't realize until we arrived in the room that we were never asked if we preferred King or Queen beds and smoking or non-smoking. King vs. Queen we could live with since, technically, we booked a 300 square foot double queen room. As a non-smoker, though, not pointing out a preference was a major oversight on our part. Since the room didn't reek of smoke, we skipped calling down to request a change. It was only one night, after all. A decision we'd later regret when we found ourselves feeling as if someone had dumped an ashtray down our throat while we were sleeping.

Guess the right number: more hot and cold streaks than roulette.

Either smoke triggers growth hormones or the queen beds felt rather small. They were designed by Serta exclusively for the D so, perhaps, they aren't standard queen size? Smallish as the beds may or may not be they were quite cozy. The four pillows were the right size and firmness for the perfect pillow fort.

The red-and-black D wall photos and red accent wall were touches we Dug, but not enough to boost the room into the luxury category. There's a desk in the room, but rendered useless for anything other than sitting since the workspace is covered with magazines, Fiji water, a Keurig, k-cups and, in our case, an ashtray. For those tracking in-room beverage trends, Starbucks K-cups are $2.50, Fiji water $4.50 at the D. The extremely clean bathroom contained a single sink, but was big enough to get the job done (especially when compared to Plaza's) and stocked with basics from Bath & Body Works. Not so clean were the bedsheets that we found chocolate stains on. Or at least we hope they were chocolate stains. Good thing we had two queen beds, after all.

So what's the verdict? For this stay, D is, unfortunately, for Disappointed. Our standard room is a winner over Gold Spike. Easy. Compare it to the Plaza? Almost a toss-up in a back-and-forth battle of details, but we'd give the nod to the D based on the rest of the casino. On nights that D's rates are considerably lower we'd consider booking a room here over Golden Nugget if saving money were the chief criteria. But, we'd look to book a king room or, better yet, score a much better looking D Suite. And, definitely request non-smoking. And, check to make sure the pillow mint didn't melt.

Just don't book a D standard room thinking it's a Rush Tower Nugget room as there's no comparison downtown (cc: JimL). For nights like ours where rooms at both are at similar price points, we'd book the Nugget in a heartbeat. Then beeline to the D or Golden Gate to gamble. At least until Downtown Grand opens. Then all bets are off. Or on, but in a different location. Maybe.

Archived Comments:

Loved staying @The D

I stayed at the D two weeks ago in a corner king room for 47 bucks. Plus tax around 55 a night. I thought it was great. Nice bed, good furniture and they were almost out one of their D wall pictures because I dig it that much. Loved the vibe of the Long Bar & casinos. I'm already planning a return trip in May from Boston and The D is my first choice now. I've stayed at the Nugget and loved it there too but the newness of the D has sucked me in.  


I probably wont ever stay there, because  it's WAAAY too close to home, but I was hoping that it would be great.


So I'm still not understanding why you gave this room a "C"? Was it because of the chocolate stain or because you are comparing it to a Carson room that randomly happened to be cheaper on the night that you stayed?

From the calendar, it looks like the D is routinely $20-$40 less on weekdays and $50-$90 less on weekends. That doesn't exactly sound like a fair comparison pricewise, yet it looks like a comparable product.

I'm also a little confused on what you were trying to say with these couple sentences: "Granted, our D room was $69 so how much lower can the price really drop? About $48 bucks according to that chart so we're sticking with our comparison." The lowest price I see listed is $31, is that just a miscalculation or am I missing the point?


Sorry that was a typo as the cheapest rate in March is $38 lower than the $69 I paid.  Although I thought there was a date where D was $31 and GN was $79.

For the nights the difference is $10-20, GN is a no brainer for me.  Maybe up to $40.  I gave it a C because this room was average.  While no single aspect was horrifying, not much really stood out either.  Going into the stay on the pics alone I thought it was a comparable product also but didn't feel that way after staying.

For $47 I'd nab a corner king.  The suites I'd check out also as they look much nicer.  But if the savings isn't significant for a standard room, I'm passing.  In my opinion, to score higher than a C there needs to be something more attractive than "cheap".  But since I'm not ruling out staying again, even in the same type of room (non-smoking tho), I wouldn't grade it lower than average.

theD rooms

After your review I will probably talk to my travel agent(wife) into bumping the room to the premium corner king.
After quite some time of getting the "love"/ incentives from MGM properties over Harrahs properties we are spoiled with quality rooms for "free".
With our new mindset of finding out what downtown has to offer we have had some trial and big error.
Starting with getting a room at Four Queens, we thankfully had most of our stay set for theHotel.
Then our next time was Golden Nugget/ Rush Tower nice room. But the thing that sways me to theD is that we get more "love"/ incentives from them over Golden Nugget even though we stayed and played there.
The only thing I am wondering is...are they only giving the "love" because they are trying to establish themselves in downtown or will it continue? Because I like me some quality rooms for "free".


Thanks for clearing that up. I haven't stayed there so I can't say for sure, but it looks like this is a great value stay for downtown. In any case, it looks like a significant improvement over the Fitz room I stayed in 4 years ago.