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Attention, Wayniacs! Check Out Photos of a For Sale Casa de Shenandoah

February 27, 2013 at 8:34 PM | by | ()

Calling all Wayniacs! Fan of Wayne Newton, Las Vegas lore and super fancy real estate? We have the ultimate link for you to click. And, we think it proves a clarion call for Las Vegas to step up and save Casa de Shenandoah.

Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, has been attempting to turn Casa de Shenandoah, his palatial 40-acre estate into a tourist attraction for years. But now, in a bizarre and confusing turn of events, it all might be under attack. Again.

On May 15 the estate goes up for sale. Something to do with money, we bet. Apparently Wayne and the animals remain as tenants on the land. Or something. It's complicated. We think it means you get to keep Wayne as a free gift. But, he says he's fighting back. Yay! And, we'll all have to see if the auction actually goes ahead. Even if Wayne Newton has problems with liquid assets, the lawyers in this on-going saga are certainly profiting handsomely.

In the meantime, we went looking for the actual real estate listing. And, the brokers managed to hide it pretty well. Calling it an equestrian estate, and using an under-utilized address, we nevertheless tracked it down. You can check out all the cool photos here. They did a really, really nice job. Penguins, stables, plane interiors. Come on Las Vegas, buy it back for the man. It's flashier than the Mob Museum.

If Wayne finally has his way, one day you'll be able to buy a ticket for a Casa de Shendandoah tour featuring peeks at his penguins, peacocks and parrots and horses. Plus his car collection and a git shop. Maybe a live theatre. Film screenings. A food court. A Wayne wonderland. We are all in.

Look, Newton is cool enough to keep a Fokker F28-1000 private jet in his backyard. It's just sitting there. Wayne's so gangster.

Obsessive readers of this site might have noticed this writer's abiding passion for backstage tours. We've been jonesing for this crazy concept to come to pass for a long, long time. We think Vegas, and heck Nevada, maybe even the National Register of Historic Places, should step up and make this into a showbiz theme park. We're all fired up, people! Who's with us?

Despite his ubiquitous association with the city, Wayne is rather low key locally. We've spotted him on a couple of occasions, he's very hard to miss, but he won't turn up for the opening of an envelope like many of his fellow Vegas showbiz brethren. His website has no hint that there is a Vegas gig anywhere in his future. But, we're rooting for him big time. We need him on the Strip, if just for one more night. And, we really need a gift shop selling Casa De Shenandoah coffee mugs. We'd fill it with java to fuel a huge gallery of photos we'd make for you after we toured the place. We'd be first online. Seriously, we need to save Wayne's World. Think of the penguins.

(PHOTO: Google Earth, Nathan & Associates)

Archived Comments:

Sorry but....

Keep the place around but under new mgmt. Check out the legals. There have been claims by employees of animal abuse with filthy penguin ponds and worse. Clean it up and take care of it. Danke Shoen.


Does he drive his jest down Sunset to get it to the runway at McCarran???

Wayne's Plane

I heard the plane sat so long at an airport it is almost unusable. Rotton interior, water damage etc..

This is from TMZ:

The escalating price of storage fees has prompted Wayne Newton to have his private jet disassembled and relocated.

 Newton's  Fokker F-28 jet parked in Waterford, Michigan for almost three years has been relocated. Reports from earlier this year indicate Newton had accumulated an aircraft storage bill of more than $60,000.

According to TMZ, Newton recently settled his outstanding bill and had the plane disassembled. The plane, once valued at around $2 million, has been reassembled in the backyard of Newton's Casa de Shenadoah estate in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Well, that's sad! Thanks for the share.