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The Best Part of Waking Up? VegasChatter's Guide to In-Room Coffee

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We know that Starbucks are practically a dime a dozen these days in Vegas hotels thus ensuring we never have to go without strong caffeine during our trip, but... sometimes that morning java trip can be long. First, there's the walk from your room to the elevator. Then you have to make your way out of the elevator lobby through the casino full of distractions before finally arriving at Starbucks where you have to wait in a decent-sized line. Wouldn't it be nicer just to have the coffee readily available in your room without having to place a room service order?

Fortunately, many casinos are hip to the one-cup coffee craze from Keurig and other brands. But, it's near impossible to track down who offers what in what rooms and what tower and for how much. But, never fear. That's why we're here.

Here's our first-ever Guide to In-Room Coffee. We've listed the properties that we know for certain offer coffee in the rooms and for how much. If the hotel you're looking for is not on the list, it probably doesn't have in-room coffee. Got any coffee tips to share? Tell us in comments below and we'll update it in our story.


· CAESARS PALACE: Keurig coffee makers are standard in all deluxe rooms. Coffee packets of four are $12.97 (includes sales tax) from the mini-bar. You can also have room service deliver decaf or tea packets instead. Coffee makers in other regular rooms and some of the suites can be ordered through room service for $40 a day and includes coffee packets.

· COSMOPOLITAN: No coffee makers per se but as this TripAdvisor forum reports, there is a microwave in the bigger rooms so you can heat up water for instant coffee that way.

· ELARA, A Hilton Grand Vacations Hotel: Some rooms have one-cup coffee makers while others have full coffee pots. All are complimentary for guests and the property does not have a resort fee.

· FOUR SEASONS LAS VEGAS: Keurig coffee makers are complimentary for guests. (Well, actually it's included in the $25 resort fee.)

· FLAMINGO: One-cup coffee makers (not Keurig brand) are a standard complimentary amenity in the all GO wing rooms & suites, including GO mini suites. Coffee makers are present in all Fab Luxury wing suites, except for mini suites. Interestingly, you will need executive approval from the resort to have a coffee maker delivered to your room.

· HARRAH'S LAS VEGAS: No coffee makers in the rooms. However, they are available to be delivered in-room for Total Rewards Seven Stars or Diamond Members upon request.

· HOOTERS: No coffee makers in the regular guest rooms, however, they are available in the hotel's international, jacuzzi and presidential suites.

· HOTEL32: Keurig coffee makers are complimentary in the studio rooms. The loft suites and penthouses at Hotel32 have Jura Espresso coffee makers while studios and 700-square-foot suites have Keurig. Coffee complimentary/included in the $25 resort fee.

· LUXOR: Only the luxuy suites have Coffee Express coffee makers which are complimentary.

· MONTE CARLO: All rooms have Keurig coffee makers and guests are given two complimentary K-cups a day (again, this is part of the hotel's $20 resort fee).

· NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Only the Penthouse has Green Mountain coffee makers which are complimentary to use.

· PALMS LAS VEGAS: The studio and one-bedroom suites have the Mr. Coffee one-cup coffee makers. Guests are given two cups complimentary and then all others are at a cost.

· PALMS PLACE: All suites have Keurig coffee makers. We couldn't find out how many K-cups are available but you could always bring your own.

· PARIS LAS VEGAS: No coffee makers in the regular rooms, but there are coffee makers in the suites and on the Total Rewards Diamond floors.

· RIO LAS VEGAS: All suites have a Keurig machine which offers a three-pack of K-Cups for $8. The fee is waived for Total Rewards Diamond members.

· THE SIGNATURE AT MGM GRAND: The suites at this hotel have in-room Cuisinart coffee and tea makers that are complimentary to use as part of the $25 resort fee.

· SKYLOFTS AT MGM GRAND: Each room has a Jura Espresso machine that is complimentary to use.

· THEhotel: Keurig coffee makers are available for a $4 charge per disposable coffee kit from the minibar.

· TRUMP LAS VEGAS: All suites have coffee makers that serve Wolfgang Puck coffee and are complimentary to guests as part of the $25 resort fee.

· VDARA: While the standard guest rooms do not have coffee makers, the Vdara suites and higher room categories have Keurig coffee makers along with two complimentary refills a day. Guests can also choose between decaf and regular. There is a $25 resort fee here as well.

· WESTIN CASUARINA: The Westin-brand one-cup coffee maker serves Starbucks coffee complimentary as part of the hotel's $11.50 resort fee.


· THE D LAS VEGAS: All rooms have Keurig machines that charge $2.50 per Starbucks K-Cup.

· EL CORTEZ: All rooms have single-cup coffee makers that are complimentary for guests to use.

· FOUR QUEENS: There are small coffee pots in each room that are complimentary for guests to use.

· FREMONT: One-cup coffee makers are available in the deluxe suites of the hotel and are complimentary for guests to use.

· GOLD COAST: Coffee makers are included in the $3 resort fee.

· GOLDEN NUGGET: All rooms have Keurig machines. The cost is $10 for a three-pack of K-cups. Stay in Gold Club rooms for free coffee in the hall.


· JW MARRIOTT LAKE LAS VEGAS: In-room coffee makers are found on top of the minibar and are complimentary for guests to use.

· THE LVH: The hotel's Business Class rooms have Keurig coffee makers at no extra charge.

· THE ORLEANS: All rooms have a single-cup coffee maker which are complimentary for guests as part of the $5 resort fee.

· RAVELLA: The in-room coffee maker is included in the $22 resort fee.

· SILVERTON: Starbucks in-room coffee maker for $5.60 a day. Makes four cups of coffee.

· SUNCOAST: Single cup coffee maker is included in the $5 resort fee.

· TUSCANY SUITES: Single cup coffee makers in all rooms for no extra charge. (The hotel does have a $14 resort fee.)

As always, we rely on your Vegas experiences to help keep these guides current and fresh. Have you stayed in Vegas recently and were uplifted/dismayed by the in-room coffee offerings? Tell us about it in comments below or email us.

[All photos by VegasChatter (Cuz we're nerds who take pictures of Keurig machines)]

Archived Comments:

Free coffee GN??

Actually when we've stayed in the GN Gold Club Rooms, the one cup in-room Keurig cups are, I believe, a charge - 3 cups for 10 bucks.  But they have free (albeit,crappy) coffee down the hall by the elevators.  Desperate times call for desperate measures.....

GN and Hotel32

dalchap is correct, GN Gold club offers free hallway coffee, but in-room, $10 for three like everybody else.

Also, only Loft Suite and Penthouses have the Jura Espresso coffee makers.  Studios and Suites (the 700 sq ft ones) have the Keurig coffee makers last I checked.

You can take it with you

I travel with my own coffee maker, grounds, raw sugar and creamer.  It's worth it to me to be able to have the perfect cup of morning coffee - right in my room before I do anything else.


Thanks to @dalchap and @MarkDC for the updates. I made the changes to the Golden Nugget and Hotel 32 sections!


Before I travel anywhere I throw a few k-cups in my bag just in case there's a machine. I drink way too much coffee.


Seems not one property has the vision to have an in-house roaster and to think out of the commodity coffee box.

Good to know

I have never figured out why Vegas hotels don't put coffee makers in the rooms. They want you out gambling. I get it. For that reason I can see the no mini bar, but coffee? Really? Like someone is going to sit in the room all day drinking coffee? Anyway, thanks for the info. My morning coffee is important enough that I will select our next hotel based on the criteria here. Thought about bringing my own coffee maker but we always fly in. Could probably go to Walgreens on the strip and buy a coffee maker and coffee and then just leave it in the room.....cheaper than what some hotels charge for coffee service.


Back in "the day", hotels started removing them amid claims that the coffee makers could not be kept sanitary (and there is some truth to that... do you really want the maid rinsing it out in the bathroom and using a towel that has been used who-knows-where).

That's when the concept of just buying one caught on. A coffee maker and a small canister of coffee from Walgreens is going to cost less than running downstairs to get it or K-cups from the mini-bar.


I also recall news stories with hidden video of cleaning crew using dirty bath towels to clean the coffee pot and cups! Gross!!!

Staying at New York, New York right now

And I wish there was at least one of those old coffee makers so I could heat up some hot water for my tea. Then again, there's like 378 Starbucks downstairs. I should probably hit up one of them.

Just add water

Whether big or small, I'm sure hot water is available at all hotels.

Whip out a handy sachet of Organo Gold gourmet coffee, it contains just the right amount, add to hot water and stir. Voila, easiest solution ever....pun intended.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

Knowing is Good

I'm glad to know about this great stuff.

Fresh roasted coffee in-room

Help is on the way to poor coffee in hotels. I have a perfect concept that hotels can use local roasters to produce a k cup for hotels instead of servicing cheap year old coffee. I will be working with local roaster the market this concept to the hotel. My question is will guest be willing to pay for this upgrade?