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Slotzilla Cometh, But In June?

February 27, 2013 at 7:51 PM | by | ()

Construction fencing is up and so are bits of Fremont Street as Slotzilla lumbers forward. The 11-story zipline posing as a ginormous slot machine is expected to open this June on Fremont Street. While only time will tell on when we'll actually see it, thanks to our friend Ted Newkirk at Access Vegas, we've a bunch of new construction photos to share.

The $11 million dollar project will replace the current Flightlinez set-up under the Fremont Street Experience canopy. It will also cover a bit more territory. The starting tower will be double the height. It will feature double the lines. And, as these images show, it will run from Neonopolis to the Golden Gate. You'll also be able to fly 'Superman' style or traditional. A "power launch" option will also be offered if the regular speed is too blase.

Rides will be priced at $20 or $30, depending on how high and far you want to go. Or, you'll be able to double the fun and do both for $40.

And, in case you're wondering just what a Slotzilla looks like, anyway.. well, this:

Now, who's ready to strap in?

(PHOTOS: Access Vegas, Contour Entertainment)

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Will just miss it

Too bad it wont be ready for my arrival in May...but looks like I will be riding it in October if not before!!!

Very excited for the superman style option aswell