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Which Coming Vegas Opening Are You Looking Forward To The Most?

February 27, 2013 at 6:34 PM | by | ()

As much as we like to chatter on about Vegas, we love to hear from you, too. Whether it's tips, unexpected finds, queries or Vegas tales, they're all read, responded to and greatly appreciated it. Recently, @John_Nissan on Twitter offered up a great idea for our long-running OpenThread series where we pose a question and ask the VegasChatter community to weigh in. John thought it would be fun if we all chimed in with the Vegas opening we were most excited to see.

It could be something as huge as the debut of Cirque's ONE Michael Jackson show or something as seemingly minor as the opening of a Starbucks inside CityCenter (the first coming March 8, btw). Below, we list some of the major milestones still ahead, just to jog your memory before you add your pick to the comments below. Or, feel free to go with something entirely of your own!

Upcoming 2013 Openings
☞Boyz II Men at The Mirage
☞Jabbawockeez at Luxor
☞Park on Fremont in downtown
☞Pizza Rock in Downtown 3rd
☞Krave Massive
☞Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay
☞Banger Brewing in Neonopolis
☞Def Leppard residency at Hard Rock
☞Raiding The Rock Vault at LVH
☞Twin Peaks at Harmon Corner
☞Hakkasan at MGM Grand
☞FIVE50 at Aria
☞Heritage Steak at The Mirage
☞Light Group's unnamed dayclub at Mandalay Bay
☞Shipping Container Park in downtown
☞The Linq on the Strip
☞Wet'n'Wild off Strip
☞Downtown Grand

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Archived Comments:

Downtown Grand

Hands down the spot I can't wait for. Gimme gambleen in tha streets baby!

I've got a couple.

Believe it or not (you probably do, based on my twitter activity), RCP was my number one. It's been open 2 nights; I've been twice. The pie was very good.

Now I am most looking forward to the Container Park. IT's diagonally across from my building, and will exponentially  increase my shopping, dining and other opportunities.

For the same reason, I'm looking forward to Downtown Grand. And even though I'm straight, and now have doubts about the project because of the RJ's recent article, I'm looking forward to Krave Massive, because anything that improves downtown improves where I live.

As a concierge, everything that opens helps me professionally.

Motown Philly

Back again....

A Few. .

I would say Downtown Grand would be the first place I'd visit.

Linq Is going to be awesome but ill hold off til the High roller opens.

Michael  Jackson ONE will be a great addition to the strip.

 But theres a soft spot for Wet'n'Wild  and Cowabunga Bay, it's just about time to have water parks again in the summer!

Wet N' Wild & Cowabunga Bay

This site has been pretty quiet about Cowabunga Bay, but Im excited for the water parks!


My Pick

I'm on the Downtown Grand train. But, my runner up choice would be Michael Jackson ONE. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

Cirque? Eh

I don't care if I ever see another Cirque show. I'd rather more things like Human Nature/Vegas! The Show/Rock of Ages.

Feelin' Grand

Hakkasan? Nah.  Linq? Nope.  Shipping Container Park? Getting warmer for the curiosity.

But hands down the opening I'm most looking forward to so far is Downtown Grand.  Gambling in the streets.  Ridiculous amount of eats.  And grass on the pooling field.

Downtown Grand gets my vote too

Im all in for the downtown grand! I am excited for everything it will offer.

Secondly....although I will fully admit this is a very lame answer but I have never been to a twin peaks and I know exactly how cliche it will be but I just cant say no to a girl in a tie up plaid shirt haha

If I had a proper second I would like to see what the shipping container park has to offer...I think its such a unique and fun concept, I hope it doesn't disappoint

Wet N Wild and the Container Park

I used to go to the Wet N Wild at the end of the strip!  That was like 14-18 years ago? Nice to hear something is coming back to Vegas.  I think the Container Park will change downtown and bring some money into the area.  I'm a tourist and I go to El-Co, Nugget, etc. but some of my friends wouldn't go downtown.  

Anyone know what will happen to Fountainbleu?

I vitis Vegas yearly and I always see this blue structure that's quite tall (especially for Vegas) but never any news.  Online it just says it has stopped construction and that it will be torn down.  60+ stories of brand new construction torn down?  Anyone know the inside scoop?

Also what about Harmon? I hear they made up that it is "unfit" to habitat and that it is being torn down too.


Our sister site just ran a post wondering the same thing about Fontainebleau, you can read it here. Basically, it's just sitting there and will likely just sit there for a while.

Harmon is tied up in a legal battle about who did what wrong. MGM Resorts wants to tear it down, but the courts keep changing their mind about whether they can or not. I think, if I am recalling right, it will go to trial next year.

Lucky Dragon

What ever happened to the Lucky Dragon? I was hoping that one would be coming along soon.


thanks for the reply. I checked out that blog... oh gosh I hope the Fountainbleu doesn't become like that hotel in North Korea and sit empty for decades on end.  The strip NEEDS something new.  There was SO MUCH boom with Echelong, the NY Plaza where the Frontier was, and Fountainblue and even some condo-tel with Ivana Trump... and BOOM it's now all gone.  Sort of like one's money when they sit at the blackjack table.  High highs!!!! Low lows!!!!


I've been wondering the same thing. Will need to try to track down some info to pass along.