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Sleeping At Silverton

Where: 3333 Blue Diamond Road [map], 89139
February 28, 2013 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

For months we've gone on and on about our crush on the Silverton casino. It seems there's something new to love every time every time we visit. Unfortunately, the hotel part of Silverton didn't live up to our lofty expectations. We booked a $35 Winter Bounceback deal and the room was even less spectacular then we could have imagined a $35 room could be. Yes, that's possible in this competitive market. After taxes and a $4.95 resort fee, the room was closer to $45.

The theme of the room kept with the overall property's rustic lodge vibe, but it showed its age. It was easily visible in the very dark room. Maybe it should have been a sign when booking the room that the Deluxe Queen accommodation isn't even shown or listed on the website unless you book the special. That's a bit shady, but not a big deal besides possibly being bait and switch. These Winter Bounceback sale rooms must be leftovers that have yet to be renovated because age was very apparent.

The giant armoire and relatively small tube TV took up way too much space for a hotel room in 2013. The TV would get snowy any time it was moved to view from the chair or bed. Beneath the TV was an unstocked minibar that we could use, but after being warned that the minibar was 55 degrees, this writer wasn't about to find out what that meant.

The air conditioning unit was beneath the window and reminded us of something found in a Super 8 20 years ago. The look was fine but the unit was loud. Very loud. The biggest issue with the Deluxe Queen was in the bathroom where we saw three or four sections of wallpaper peeling off the wall. The bathroom wasn't filthy, but it wasn't clean, either. It really just looked and felt old and used. The "closet" also seemed like something from an old Super 8. It was't a closet as much as it was a wall with a rack for clothes and no doors.

Otherwise, the room was fine. The beds, work table and chairs were all comfortable and the room seemed clean. This room at Silverton wasn't awful, but it wasn't nice. The pictures on the website of the upgraded resort rooms look more modern and renovated, but we'll save the money to find out. Our crush on the Silverton casino will never die, but we don't expect to sleep with this crush again.

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That's Disappointing

Always wondered what the rooms looked like as well since I love the casino.  

That's the same closet that was in the D room.  Must've been a big winner in Designer's Digest circa 1980.

Thanks for the pics and vid.

Mr. P

Right back atcha. Must have been a thing to make the rooms appear larger.

Still a good price

For $45 bucks not too bad. I would rather sleep at Silverton for $45 rather than the Quad.


Good point. :)

Very Nice

Awesome stuff


Blackjack it


Really Awesome...


loved it