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The Tech At Nobu Hotel

February 4, 2013 at 5:27 PM | by | ()

Let's face it. Nobu Hotel is all about being able to eat to die for sushi in bed. But, as you're lounging on your Italian linens and the squishy down pillows you selected from your dream menu, how will you keep yourself entertained?

The most obvious way takes up 55 inches of wall space, a flat-screen, high-definition TV.

Below it, the top of an entertainment unit contains ports for audio/video cords and an audio/PC connection as well as HDMI and USB cables. Adjacent to that, guests will find an iDock to recharge Apple devices (although, you'll need a special connector for iPhone 5s). It will also allow guests to send music, shows or videos from their iPhone, iPod or iPad to the TV.

On the bedside table, a standard push button phone can be found for those room service calls. (Of which there should be numerous.) Next to it, an alarm clock with an additional connection for your device.

Another piece of in-room tech (although, this is a stretch, we know) can be found within the bathroom. Yes, there's a wall phone in here. Las Vegas just can't quit those. But, thankfully it's not right next to the toilet. Even if it is a high-end Toto commode.

And, the Nobu tech offerings actually begin as soon as you arrive with an elevator that requires your key card before you even step inside. Here's a pretty shot of the textured wood walls of the Nobu elevator/arrival lobby:

And, a pretty horrible shot of the key card panel:

Once your guest card is inserted, you'll be asked to select a floor. And, once inside the elevator, there are no numbered panels on the wall. Not a single button to push. Your destination is locked in. Meaning, the elevator is all yours. Good thing there are three of them. And, that you're escorted up to your room the first time. To learn how to work the elevator and because check in is done in your room via iPad.

Now, if only De Niro (yes, that De Niro who is also an investor in Nobu Hotel) could FaceTime us with a personal message of welcome. Yeah, we're talkin' to you, De Niro.

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