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At Nobu Hotel, A Mini Drawer

February 4, 2013 at 4:32 PM | by | ()

When it's your name is on the restaurant and the hotel and you're a world-renowned chef, you don't leave any food experience to chance. Including, what's in the minibar. Or, in the case of Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace, the mini-drawer.

Chef Nobu Matsuhisa personally selected just what you'll find when you open one of the drawers located below his 55-inch flat screen TVs. A drawer we had assumed was for clothing until another journalist on our media preview curiously looked inside. Instead, a mini drawer was discovered, stocked with sweet potato Pop Chips, salt & pepper Kettle Chips, Pocky biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate, and an assortment of Dean & Deluca chocolate and nuts.

The empty spot was apparently for a pilfered tin of Nobu green tea. (We didn't do it!) Japanese beer, Nobu chilled sake and Wild Poppy, a "blood orange chili juice crafted from orchards in Carlifornia," are among the drink selections that can also be found within each room's dresser.

And, for when you overdo it, handy Help Remedies tins have also been stocked for when you have partied too hearty an aching body or head.

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