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LVH Is Raiding the Rock Vault In War With Rock of Ages

February 4, 2013 at 12:50 PM | by | ()

Local press has been asleep at the wheel concerning the next residents of LVH's Showroom. Surprising, since they could wake the dead. Move over Barry Manilow, a not so Quiet Riot is coming. Starting March 2, Raiding the Rock Vault, a 90-minute history of “classic rock” will feature a stage full of rockers as they track a musical history lesson as told through video clips, images and theatrical scenes. The producers have signed a contract for a year, musicians have been excitedly tweeting for a week and we went looking for some details. We found them.

It's a clear and immediate rival to the hair-metal musical Rock Of Ages at the Venetian. With the exception that the band on display at LVH will actually have legit credentials of walking the walk. They've even wrangled an actual dude that sung with Deep Purple.

Yep, it’s a memory lane meander through the annals of Classic Rock. And, classic bands covered on stage include The Who, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Free, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Bryan Adams, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Queen, Kiss and The Rolling Stones. We’d scratch a couple from that list, personally.

The project launched with a trial gig in L.A. last year, and included the following line-up. Expect some, if not all, to turn up in Vegas. We know for a fact that Paul Shortino is on board.

Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple)
Howard Leese (Heart, The Paul Rodgers Band)
Robin McAuley (MSG, Survivor)
Tracii Guns (LA Guns, Guns and Roses)
Andrew Freeman (Lynch Mob, The Offspring)
Michael T. Ross (Lita Ford, Hardline, Angel)
Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quite Riot)
Jay Schellen (Hurricane, Asia)
John Payne (Asia, Roger Daltrey)

The show is written by Grammy Award-winning producer David Kershenbaum and musician, producer and vocalist John Payne of Asia who also performs with the band on stage.

Ok, ready to see a preview clip? We got that, too. This is from the L.A. trial run. And, yes, they are playing "Armageddon It" by Def Leppard. The same band that will be hosting a residency at Hard Rock in March. Sense a musical genre trend?

We’ll not bore you with the financing issues here, but they aspire to launch a simultaneous touring version of the show, and a video and music release of the Vegas production. Monies will help fund this residency and the future of this nascent franchise. The producers are renting the LVH Showroom and are paying for all the advertising.

Tickets are expected to be in the $60 range and they are aiming for a minimum of five shows per week. It’s all still not set in stone and we’re telling you this well ahead of an official announcement. We will, of course, keep you updated.

And, for those who would like to appear on the same stage where Elvis walked, we’ve included the “Raiding the Rock Vault” casting call notice. It also includes a few story spoilers. But, since the plot covers the history of rock, we'll spoil some of the last forty years - Bill Wyman quit The Rolling Stones, The Eagles still play that hotel song and Aerosmith are really grateful to Run D.M.C.

Auditions for performers are on February 12 if you want to get in on the action. Rock Of Ages needs to watch its back.

Now Seeking:

Nash: male, 25-35 (also plays 55), Caucasian, 5'10"+, confident hippy, wants to serve his country, men want to be like him and women want to be with him, tall, well-built, sexy, handsome, the leader of the gang and the hero of the show (think Claude in "Hair").

Tyler: male, 25-30, African American, 5'10"+, sexy bad-boy with a heart of gold, classic pot smoker, believes in peace and ends up loving disco (think a young Jimi Hendrix).

Jade/80s Babe 1: female, 25, Hispanic, Asian or Caucasian, 5'7"+, Jade is a sassy airhead, loves Tyler but is up to loving anyone anytime, opinionated, Dawn's best friend (think Mila Kunis in "That 70's Show"), 80s Babe 1 must be sexy, comfortable with wearing revealing clothing.

Dawn/80s Babe 2: female, 25, Caucasian or Hispanic, 5'7. Dawn is Nash's girlfriend, becomes pregnant with his child, original "flower child," loves yoga, hates 'the man', strongly against war, deep thinker, wise beyond her years, loves Nash with all of her heart (think Drew Barrymore), 80s Babe 2 must be sexy, comfortable with wearing revealing clothing.

Mark: male, 25, Caucasian or Hispanic, 5'10"+, the son of Nash and Dawn, young and "80s hip," headstrong, recovering alcoholic, energetic and fresh but wise beyond his years (think 80s MTV VJ).

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