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Get A Free Tat, Drink For Life* at Commonwealth

February 5, 2013 at 12:04 PM | by | ()

Considering your first or next tat? As we've documented before, ink inspirations comes in different strokes for different folks. If you haven't been flushed with royal inspiration, aren't flush with Laura Croft money, don't want Caesar to stay here or Bill's closure didn't strike the same chord as Sahara's did, downtown's Commonwealth wants to tickle your fancy with a tat idea.

The speakeasy inspired bar is teaming up with LA's Black Banditz Tattoo Shop and Hair Salon for one night to bring their unique Melrose Avenue-based, tattoo parlor/hair salon/Viper Room-connected live music vibe to Vegas. Black Banditz will popup this Friday, February 8 inside a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum Airstream to give out free tats and haircuts.

Make that free tat a peacock feather and score a free drink for life* upon each future visit to Commonwealth. The 'cock is the bar's mascot, ya see. If you hate the haircut, it'll grow back. Hate the tat and drink your regrets away nightly. Love either and have a toast for life.

*Your life or Commonwealth's, whichever ends earlier. The free cocktail for a peacock comes in the form of a Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum drink, not the $65 punch bowls. Sorry, alchies. Here's to wishing a long and healthy life for the peacock.

The Airstream is open for cuts and inking 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. this Friday.

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