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Gambling Is Alive Downtown

February 5, 2013 at 8:40 PM | by | ()

Last week, we took a look at where overall casino revenue comes from. This week, we look a little deeper into how and where people spend their money in Las Vegas. Specifically, we're going to look at the differences between downtown Vegas and the Strip.

So many renovations have happened to downtown Vegas that we're always excited to see what's going to happen next. While many of the non-casino venues opening up seem mainly focused on a younger, hipper customer, it appears as if casinos aren't forgetting their traditional customers. Over 50% of downtown Vegas casino revenue comes from gaming. That's more than 3x the amount of revenue that downtown Vegas casinos earn on rooms and more than double the combined food and beverage income.

For comparison, smaller casinos on the Vegas Strip (small in revenue, not physical size) make less than 40% of their revenue on gambling and larger Strip casinos make even less.

Gambling lives downtown!

Slot machines (and video poker) make up about 75% of downtown casino gaming revenue. If you remember the research study we cited last year about gaming tendencies, you'll recall that the average slot player is a 55-60 year old woman. Generally, this just says that the gambler is older and we definitely see that in the casinos. For comparison, the large casinos on the Strip make about half of their gaming revenue from slot machines.

These statistics are from 2012 and this writer is curious to see how renovations and go-go dancers around the table games at the D, Golden Gate and The Plaza effect the numbers on the next report.

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Wonder about the Stations?

Great article.
I would love to see the stats on the big off strip (locals) casinos such as the Station Casinos, etc. It seems that their slots are jam packed every day!

I want to believe

I would love to spend more time downtown but it is a complete disaster for me on $1/$5 slots. I have better luck on the strip and a few off strip spots like the station casinos and Sam's Town.



I don't think the data has been broken out for that extrapolate that info but all casino information is reported quarterly. The local papers usually cover that info if you're curious.


I think Golden Nugget may be the only casino to play those kind of limits downtown. The strip, Caesars Palace and Venetian specifically, have been best to me for $1+ slots.