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You Won't Find 007 At This Casino Royale

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In 1953, Ian Fleming painted a literary image of James Bond that would soon cement itself in the publicís imagination. 007 is etched in our memories, playing a high stakes Baccarat game in France in a place called Casino Royale. He was likely wearing a tuxedo. As he faced his formidable Russian foe across the green baize, an outer layer of smug assuredness only worked to conceal the ice water pumping through his veins.

In 2013, a man is playing five dollar blackjack in Las Vegas in a place called Casino Royale. He is wearing sweatpants and downing a Michelob. It is 9 a.m. Glamorous Par-ee, this isnít.

With the closing of Billís Gambling Hall for a year-long renovation and rebranding, there arenít many friendly, low roller casinos left on the Strip. Casino Royale is one of the last in a dying breed. Stuck right between Harrahís and Venetian, Casino Royale may be known more for cheap drinks than anything else at this point. At any time, you can walk up to the bar and select a Michelob or a frozen margarita for a dollar. Within a half mile or so down The Strip, it isnít uncommon to see people with armfuls of those Michelobs. Casino Royale is their source.

You can find most of the same slot machines and video poker variants here that you can in the higher-end casinos, including popular Aladdin, Dark Knight, and Hangover machines. The video screen outside advertises 99% payback video poker. Casino Royale, at one time, offered the best craps odds on The Strip as seen in this picture of the top of their parking garage.

While we were in the casino, they were spreading 20X odds with a $3 bet. On the weekends, the minimum bet raises to $5 and they still accept 100X odds behind. Casino Royale was also the first casino in America to feature Blackjack Switch, a game that is popular in many other casinos, and is still featured prominently on the dive casino's floor.

Stay away from the free spin offer in the front of the casino, though. Everyone wins some form of free play that can only be played on promotional machines. A certain score must be attained before cash is paid out. We abandoned the machine full of credits after 20 minutes of uneventful button mashing.

Casino Royaleís hotel is a Best Western Plus. Current weekday rates are about $79 a night so we would recommend staying elsewhere, but taking advantage of the friendlier odds.

One of our favorite Las Vegas traditions was born on a layover on our first trip to Sin City. While waiting for our connecting flight in Phoenix, this writer paired a beer with a Cinnabon and called it Gambling Fuel. At Casino Royale, we still make this magical meal happen. A full food court also other choices including Subway (open 24/7), Noble Romanís Pizza, and $1.99 foot-long hot dogs. A 24/7 Denny's is also among the dining options on-site.

For those that prefer pajama pants to True Religion jeans and target tee shirts to Affliction gear, Casino Royale might be the Strip casino for you. Our advice? fuel up with a Cinnabon and a Michelob. Enjoy the weird, mirrored ceilings and winnable hot rods. And, take advantage of those generous craps odds.

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Archived Comments:

Free Spin

The "Stay away from the free spin offer in the front of the casino" line could not be worse advice.  Sure people shouldn't play them to get the promo play.  But each coupon also has a second offer and most of the time it's 2 for 1 beers.  So play the free spins machine and then hit the bar for 2 Michelob's for $1.


Also, no more $1 Margaritas!  I was saddened to find a few weeks ago that Casino Royale now has a fabulous new Fat Tuesdays to meet all your frozen drink needs, at a considerable markup to you, the valued customer.  So it's just Michelob and Michelob Light for the $1 walkup now.

A Good Time

I've always had a good time here.  Thanks to their $3 table, it's where I learned to play craps.  It one of the only places on the strip I play.


I have not been there in a while and the last time there, I did very well with VP.

There use to be a unique Roulette Wheel table that had the wheel in the middle of two law outs for betting. One layout on each side of the wheel.

It was near the front door and always seemed to have a group of fun people playing.

Min was very low and I think I use to play with 25 cent quarter units...


Don't forget the Outback Steakhouse!  Once had the bartender at that Outback convince me to take Mizzou in a 6 way parlay.  It was the only one of the 6 I lost!!!   I still laugh about that 5+ year later.  

This is also one of the few places left on the strip where I can take my wife and her friends to teach them how to play blackjack with reasonable limits.  

USED to be one of my favorite places in LV

I was drawn to this place for the fun atmosphere (one of the best in Vegas), but more so for the Margarita's! Nothing better after turning your tongue into sandpaper drinking 100 beers, than to have about 10 strawberry margarita's playing here! But alas, like everything else in vegas, all the coolness goes away to add another chain (in this case the outrageously over-priced Fat Tuesdays...) Something this simple made them lose my business.