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Boarding Pass Rollover Ends In December

February 6, 2013 at 4:24 PM | by | ()

We're somewhat diligent when it comes to players club rewards. We don't play to get them, but we do want to know what's available. With the larger casinos, we don't really have to do that often since the offers come via email or snail mail way too often. Offers don't change much mid month so seeing the information once is usually enough.

Things are a little different with the locals casinos. We check the B-Connected app or online accounts like MyStation fairly often because there can be new and different offers or information we may not see otherwise.

Last week, we were smacked in the face with an alert when checking our Station Casinos Boarding Pass account. A small box in the middle of the page told us:


ALL CAPS All caps and bold will always gain our attention. This writer has been enjoying rollover points and status at Red Rock Resort since he relocated from the east coast. The click me at the end of the bold caps just leads to a larger version of the same text with the addition of "introductory" before rollover.

We inquired and learned that the points we've accumulated will not be affected by the end of the rollover program. (Yay, more "free" Starbucks!) Only tier status will be affected by this change. In order to keep an achieved status, you will have to earn enough points for that status every six months. This will really only effect players that earn the highest statuses, President or Chairman status, as the lower tiers offer pretty similar perks.

Archived Comments:

Station Casino Thieves

Station Casino's are taking from locals in a big way. They not only stopped roll over points but they stopped throwing super bowl parties and have tighten up the machines big time. Sunset and Green Valley Ranch are stealing form locals.

They think just because they throw a contest to win a car that we locals will stop by more often. Well we have learned our lessons from before and we will not play your games to lose our hard earned money. Silverton Casino and Station Casino's are among some of the worst places locals can go. Too bad they got greedy after the bankruptcy. They are about to face it once again and this time to lose in a big way. I hope all locals who read this post learn never to step foot in  a Station Casino. The management sucks and they have poor excuses for human beings as casino hosts. They don't even give concert tickets anymore. Sad place!!!

Boarding Pass is a scam

Station Casino's lure locals in with bonus points but the machines are locked up and you would be better off paying for your buffets than using points. Example: Dinner buffet at 50% off using points uses approximately 4995 points which costs the average player $800 worth of playing.

The cost of a buffet is $9.99 with this example using dinner time. So no matter which way you look at it, even if you win once per month $400 to $700 which more than likely won't happen especially at a Station Casino you still lose money because when you walked through that door of the casino you more than likely brought money with you.

I feel real sorry for those who withdraw from a casino atm because they already lost before they played! Hope people wake up to this and when these casino's go back into bankruptcy they will learn to play a little more fair but I doubt it!