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The Linq Renames A Street

February 6, 2013 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Audrie Lane -- the little street that runs behind the now closed Bill's, the still open Flamingo, Quad and Harrah's hotels and the coming Linq -- won't be called Audrie Lane for much longer. Or, at least a portion of it won't.

Last night, Caesars Entertainment asked local government officials to rename a section of the tiny thoroughfare. Their first choice was LINQ Lane. But, they also offered up High Roller Way (a nod to the under-construction, same-named observation wheel a stone's throw away) or Casino Center Drive as alternatives.

An agenda for the meeting seemed to indicate that the answer would be a resounding no, nope, and nuh-uh after it relayed concerns that a name change could cause confusion for first responders (was that Link or Linq?), break precedent (streets have always had "common or correct spellings") and potentially be too repetitive (there is already a High Roller Avenue and a Casino Center Boulevard).

But, Caesars' representative just had to express faith in the intelligence of local authorities and drop phrases like "significant investment" to get the green light on their top pick -- LINQ Lane.

No mention of a timeline was made regarding the switchover, but planning officials did inquire as to whether Caesars had asked Battista's Hole In The Wall, the main business on that stretch of road, what it thought of the renaming. Caesars' rep said the resto was for it and was excited about the additional foot traffic The Linq would bring to the area.

We'll see if they still feel that way when they're asked to make a slight change of their own -- who's ready to head over for some yummy Italian at Battista's Hole In The Qall? We kid, we kid. Seriously, Caesars, we were just qoking, erm, joking.

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I don't think they even need to ask Battista's.  I was in there asking around for a story I was doing one day and they said they were bought out by Caesars Entertainment a few years ago.  So Caesars already owns the restaurant.  The only "owner operator" on that stretch is the Stage Door Bar and Casino.

Stage Door

And I think Stage Door only owns their business and leases their property

Chili Dogs anyone

But they still have 20 odd years left on the lease I believe.... :o)