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The Four Best Friends That Anyone Can Have In Vegas

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Vegas is better with friends. You need someone to high five when you hit a jackpot and someone to peel you off the slot machine before you hand over your life savings to the casino. You also need a friend to call when you wake up in some random hotel off the Strip. Not that itís ever happened to us before.

When planning your next trip to Vegas, you probably already have a group of go-to friends you want to take with you. And, there are probably people you donít want to take with you, like the bachelor party pooper, a.k.a. future brother- or sister-in-law. Party stoppers aside, itís important your Vegas entourage has a good balance of personalities. Here are a few types of friends thatíll make your experience one to remember:

The Responsible One

This personís only job is to make sure your group makes it back to McCarran in one piece. Itís tougher than it sounds. You might think itís lame to take a nap in the middle of the day, or to ďtake it easyĒ the night before your morning return flight, but, hey, someone has to be the one to bail you out of jail. Memorize this personís number, or better yet tattoo it on you if you think youíll be spending a lot of time withÖ

The Crazy One

The one thatís going to tell you to put it all on black. The one that wants to introduce you to Tina in a nightclub. (Thatís a drug reference, people.) If you handed him a Four Loko (do they still make those?), heíd probably chug it. Look up #ratchet on Instagram and the first 20 photos are of her after a long night of dancing, missing one shoe and three hair extensions. The crazy one, in all their hot mess glory, will bring out your inner party animal, for better or worse.

The Vegas Virgin

This is just good karma. You remember your first time in Vegas, donít you? Whether it was absolutely horrible, or the best vacation ever, the universe (not to mention your microcosm of friends) will love you for showing someone thatís never been to Vegas how to do it right. Youíll look super cool for doing it and because of you, youíll spawn a group of Vegas experts who everyone will want to hang with, better known asÖ

The One With The Vegas Connections

An absolute must for any group visiting Las Vegas. With this one, youíll never have to wait in line to get into a nightclub, dinner reservations at Vegasí best restaurants are already made, and youíll never find yourself in a tourist trap or fall for any advertising hype. A hybrid of the responsible one and the crazy one, theyíve seen and done it all and either know someone in the industry, or have a really great casino host. Stick close to this one.

Have a fifth to add? Let us know who it is down below!

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Archived Comments:

A good Concierge

Seriously, unless your friends, or "the one with connections" live here, befriend you concierge. We do have connections

The wingman/woman

While you are trying to get somewhere with the ultimate hottie, they run the blocking route to take care of the a*#hole friend they happen to be hanging with. They are also capable of "taking one for the team".  Your winger also ensures you succeed by dropping stories about your badassness , hooking you up with happy jackets, and keeping you sober enough for the late night performance.

The Baby Whale

That is my buddy that gets us compted at the fancy resort Hotels on the Strip...

He is the one I watched cash a $2,500 sports ticket and then calls me an hour later saying he hit a 3,000 dollar VP jack-pot...

I said WOW you are up 5 grand and he says...I already lost the $2500 from the sports book.

Works well as I get compted downtown and him on the strip.

It has been a good partnership for the last 7 years.