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Binion's Will Soon Come Bearing Gifts

Where: 128 Fremont St [map], 89101
February 7, 2013 at 4:36 PM | by | ()

Binion's has always been about the good food, good whiskey, and good gamble and soon it will again tout "good gifts."

Anyone who's wandered around the inside of Binion's has likely stumbled upon the classic wood and iron staircase pictured above and marked for Employees Only. The first time we discovered it we stood and admired the antique decor while guessing what lied beneath. Probably just a break room we concluded, but not until after imagining more nefarious back room scenarios that included shady patrons getting a taste of cowboy boot from Benny himself back in the day.

The imagination won't have to wander much longer as Binion's will soon re-open their gift shop under them thar stairs with an entrance right from the street. Binion's has previously housed two gift shops, one on the "Mint" side and another on the "Horseshoe" side where the new one is going. Could this finally mark the start of several long rumored renovations for this downtown legend?

The casino's Facebook page adds some interesting trivia about the flooring in these halls. One floor was covered with leftover carpeting from the Landmark Hotel, another with Stardust's extras. The three floors here were connected by the city's first electronic elevator. And, the gorgeous stained glass was installed 'cause the views weren't the best. That's a solution for the dreaded anti-view we can get behind.

Binion's gift shop will open initially at 5 p.m. daily and include Whiskey Licker branded souvenirs. We're picturing a big seller in "Liquor in the Front, Poker in the Rear" T-shirts.

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Archived Comments:


Is the opening of a gift shop the first sign of a revival?  Not too optimistic myself.......

Where is a Binion when you need them?

I was hoping the room renovation story last year was true and was told directly by the admin for their fb page that she wasn't aware of any renovation but would post about it immediately if they ever do. Hell I'd clean my own room if they just let me stay there. Glad to see them open up a gift shop though. I still wish the Binion's owned that place. Becky must have been draining that place dry to have to sell out. Anyone ever wonder why no one has tried to buy up those worn out gift shops and reopen a Pioneer Casino ? Rent/land leasing has to be cheap downtown.

The Owner

The Four Queens owns Binions if no one knew from the cocktail napkins bearing both names...

The 4 Queens players card does not work there and you need a Binion card.

Years ago I had heard those staircases down went to Benny's Steak House. I was never there but heard it in passing.

Anyway one day at the Queens I just happened to talk to a person in accounting and I asked about the redo for the Binion rooms.

I asked him did they really need more rooms.

He told me I would be surprised how often the Queens was booked full and they were finishing remodeling the rooms at the Queens.

So maybe they will reopen Binion guess rooms at some point.