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You Can Turn Off Your Slot Machine Tickets

February 8, 2013 at 2:38 PM | by | ()

Did you know that a slot machine ticket can be turned off? If someone snags your slot machine winnings all you need to do is notify a slot attendant and they'll go through the process to get your money back. Not only will they help you get your money back, but they will turn off your ticket to ensure that whoever has the ticket can't redeem it. The process will take a few minutes, but the casinos usually try make their customers happy.

If inserted into a ticket cashing machine, the ticket will notify the person trying to cash the ticket to go to the cashier. If there is something afoot, the cashier will have security deal with the matter. If the ticket was taken, for example, while you were using the restroom and there was no ill will, the cashier will simply explain that the ticket has been flagged as no good.

This writer was just made aware of this and thinks that this can be helpful to the solo slot player. If you're spending time building your credits towards a bonus on a particular slot machine and don't want to lose momentum but have to use the restroom, you can make the trip and not cash out. You'll probably want to lean a chair against the machine or place a cocktail napkin on it to let people know the machine is in use. If you return and the money is taken, you should be able to get your money back.

The momentum you had toward your bonus will have been lost, but at least you have an empty bladder and can get back to it.

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I'm not a slot player myself but do people really leave the machine with money on it?  That seems very careless if you don't have someone with you watching it.  At a table game, the dealers will watch your chips.

Seems like you could get into some grey area entrapment too.  If you find a quarter on the sidewalk, you pick it up and no one would argue that it's yours.  If you sit down at a slot and find that there are some credits on it (let's just say it's a nominal amount), are you going to be arrested if you just start playing with it?


I play all slots. Sometimes if I am bouncing around from machine to machine trying to find a good one, I will forget to print or grab my ticket. When I leave a machine I have to make sure I have my cellphone, that I removed my players card, to grab my bottled water and to grab my ticket. Sometimes I forget my ticket. Or players card. It doesn't take long to realize it, but there is a chance someone could see it and grab it.

Doesn't the security cameras suffice?

Even though this is a good idea, I cant help but think cashing-out someone elses money in Vegas can be a very risky move - surely there are cameras all over the place which the offender is aware of?

Here in the UK when someone temporarily leaves a slot machine, they usually ask the assistant to keep an eye on it, and 9/10 places have a reservation sign to say its occupied.


Security cameras come into play to see if the person was stealing or just took a ticket because it as just sitting there.


Sometimes people are drunk and/or have to use the rest room.

FYI, dealers are not responsible for your chips when you use the rest room at a table. Machines are no different minus the human factor.

all about the timing

eastcoastgambler, I always enjoy your stories and comments.

The trick with this whole situation is timing.  I have worked in facilities where this was an issue, and, in general, it takes more than a few minutes for casino employees to 1) hear your complaint, 2) interact with security/video room/computer records, 3) put a 'hold' on the voucher in question.

If somebody with ill intention spots a machine with credits remaining, grabs the voucher, and proceeds to quickly cash it, then quickly leave the premises, that's the end of the story.

With the advent of the self-service ticket cashing kiosks in most casinos, it can literally be 45 seconds between a thief grabbing your voucher and cashing it.  No 'hold' can possibly be put on that voucher in that time.

If you are playing a slot machine or video poker machine, NEVER leave any credits on the machine while you meander away.  I personally know people who have found hundreds of dollars left on slot machines/video poker machines at casinos and self-bet machines at race tracks.

Couldn't agree more

^ This.