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Day Clubs vs. Nightclubs vs. Brunch Clubs

February 8, 2013 at 7:39 PM | by | ()

Thought this club kid hung up her heels for good? Think again.

The club scene in Vegas is expanding. Itís not just about nightclubs, anymore, and hasn't been for a while. Besides, waiting until the sun goes down to experience the Vegas club scene isnít making the most of your experience. Party people -- you absolutely must add day and brunch clubs to your Vegas bucket list.

Confused about the difference between day clubs, nightclubs and brunch clubs? Think of the club scene (and the people that fill them) like stereotypical high school girls: Day clubs are the peppy cheerleaders who are waaaay too into costumes and live on Red Bull. Nightclubs are the sexy, popular girls that everyone wants to hang out with, but are kind of overrated. Brunch clubs are your high school sweetheart, a hybrid of the first two, but so much better because she serves some amazing food.

After a lot of dancing, drinking and eating (itís a rough life), weíve rounded up the pros and cons of each scene:

Dayclub Pros:
● Cheerful party vibe
● Day drinking
● Sunshine

Dayclub Cons:
● Peaking too early
● Itís hot!

The new must-do thing in Vegas in day clubs. Itís Vegas excess at its finest (read: day drinking). GhostBar DayClub was like New Yearís Eve: confetti, neon-colored costumes and noise makers -- only it was noon. It took us some getting used to a couple cocktails, but once we were in the mood, the party was on. Thereís something magical about having a party during the daytime. Maybe we just love the sunshine.

If youíre not keen on spending a weekend afternoon inside and if hotel pools are just too tame for you, head to a day club. Poolside or indoors, these parties get wild.

Some of our favorite day clubs: GhostBar DayClub at Palms, Marquee Day Club at The Cosmopolitan

Nightclubs Pros:
● Vegas prime time
● Famous DJs

Nightclub Cons:
● Longest lines of any club
● Packed to max capacity
● Vibe easily ruined by d-bags and heel rats

Even if youíre not a club kid, you have to go to a Vegas nightclub, just to check it off your bucket list. With the right crowd, the right music and plenty of bottle service -- itís the type of night out people dream of. But, there are a lot of things that could ruin the entire vibe: long lines, a drink spilled on you (ugh, the worst!), bottle rats, or the occasional douchebag. All these mood killers are more likely to happen if you donít know the right people, or arenít a high roller.

Some of our favorite nightclubs: Hyde Bellagio, Marquee at The Cosmo, anything at the Wynn

Brunch Club Pros:
● Food, glorious food
● Cheerful party vibe

Brunch Club Cons:
● Things get really loud
● Expensive

Brunch clubs are this writerís absolute favorite! When thereís dancing, drinks, food and glow sticks, thereís nothing that could go wrong. Like a nightclub, you have to shell out some major cash ($500 and up) to get a table, but unlike nightclubs you donít get a bottle of cheap vodka -- you get some amazing food. This VegasChatteríer loved sitting at a table just a few feet away from the dance floor, surrounded by go-go dancers, while devouring Lavoís lemon ricotta waffles, oysters on the half shell, and spaghetti with Kobe meatballs. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Some of our favorite brunch clubs: Lavo at Palazzo, Bagatelle at Tropicana

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heel rats & bottle rats??

What are these?  have some idea of occasional douchebag, as they are not exclusive to clubs.  Never heard of heel rats or bottle rats.  What are they?

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Vegas is all who you know, my site will help you bypass that line and get you cheaper bottles then what others can offer you. Can't wait for the pools to open and the hot weather to get here.