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Bill's To Return As Gansevoort Las Vegas In January 2014

March 15, 2013 at 8:46 PM | by | ()

First, Caesars Entertainment gave a tower to Nobu. Now, it's giving an entire building to Gansevoort Hotel Group.

USA Today reports that Gansevoort Las Vegas will replace the now shuttered Bill's which closed on February 5 for renovations. Caesars is spending $185 million to remodel the entire hotel-casino before turning it over to the New York-based company for a reported January 2014 debut.

The renovation will bring a new exterior, casino floor, dining, and rooms while adding a spa (likely a new addition to Gansevoort's established Exhale brand) as well as an already much talked about rooftop pool experience. The 10th floor pool deck will be run by Victor Drai whose long-running nightclub, Drai's After Hours, will return "to its former location in the hotel's basement," according to USA Today.

Rooms at Gansevoort Las Vegas will start at $249 a night. A rendering shown below reveals accommodations with wood (or wood-like) floors, a brick-lined feature wall, a flat-screen TV, what looks to be a bedside smart panel for technology and a bright purple headboard and accent chair.

Additionally, Total Rewards members may be happy to hear the hotel-casino will finally be included in the program.

If Gansevoort is not a familiar brand for you, it operates two hotels in New York and another in Turks and Caicos. It's also hot among the celebrity set, attracting such stars as Beyonce, Prince, Brangelina, and more.

(PHOTOS: USA Today/Caesars Entertainment)

Archived Comments:


I like the mock up of the room style.

Wow am speechless

Absolutely stunned. But at the same time I have very little faith in this happening.


Fail, there aren't enough rich people in the world to fill all these high end rooms on the Strip!


I can't even pronounce it, never mind afford a room there.

In other words..

..a regular room will cost more than what I got the John Wayne Suite for at Bill's.  That's progress.  Didn't the casino companies get in trouble by building for peak times before?  Seems like they are setting themselves up to get burned again.


The Gansevoort hotels in NYC are amazing and the place to be for nightlife in NYC. The fact the CEO and Cesars confirmed this, proves its happening and with only 188 rooms compared to thousands, im sure they wont have any issues filling those rooms at that price....

Las Vegas is TOO UPSCALE now...

all the down-to-Earth cheap-o hotels are gone... Frontier, Stardust, Sahara, O'Shea's, Barbary Coast, etc.  

Vegas is becoming like Fifth Avenue NY or something.  TOO many high-end hotels, shopping, etc.

I miss the old-school Vegas.  The Vegas where you can go from Bellagio to the Frontier and then to Slots of Fun.

I've been to the Gansevoort in NY and it is a good brand and very hip but we have SO MANY hip places in Vegas.  Enough already!

Wynn, Venetian, Encore, Palazzo, Mandarin Oriental, Aria, Bellagio, Nobu, etc. etc. etc. That's TOO MUCH.  

Bring back Westward Ho!! (just kidding)


I'd be more intrigued if Binion's got remodeled or the Western re-opened downtown next to the shipping park.  This upscale crap has been overdone to death.  Stick a fork in it already.

Couldn't agree more

this ultra-luxury thing has gotten out of hand.  It will be interesting to see how these thing compete.  Some will have to shut down or lower rates A LOT.  Pretty soon you'll be able to stay at one of these 4-5 star places for $79.  Wynn prices are as low as $109.  

No way these "boutique" places are going to get away charging anywhere north of $150-$175.  There are SO MANY choices.

Excalibur, TI, and Monte Carlo are showing their age... perhaps they will be the new "old" hotels that will have to offer better gaming odds or close down.  

I think Excalibur will be the new Sahara or Stardust or Frontier.  It is old enough to have to get better games/deals.  I haven't been inside in a long time so maybe I'm wrong.

It's pretty but...

...I already don't like the name.  Seems difficult to pronounce.  And way to expensive.

Good Luck!

Those room rates will be discounted before it even opens

Buy (or at least borrow) a clue!

The most successful hotels on the strip are the Wynn/Encore, the Cosmo, and the Venetian. Low cost places like Sahara can't compete. America's poor and middle class are losing their jobs, and cannot afford to gamble anyway. Until America decides to do something about it's income inequality, let's pave the strip in gold, and keep the riff-raff away.

They can have Reno.


Great article, thanks for sharing with us.


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