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A New Total Rewards Credit Card Is Coming

March 21, 2013 at 5:14 PM | by | ()

Total Rewards will soon launch a new credit card from Comenity Bank. The current Total Rewards credit card from Bank of America is closing on March 31.

The new Total Rewards card offers a lot of perks for signing up. The most important may be for those of you who only get to Las Vegas once a year. The credit card activity is as good as spending money in a Caesars Entertainment casino. Spending at least $1 on the credit card at least every six months will keep your account active and you won't lose any points earned due to inactivity.

Something that will matter to everyone who signs up for the card is that your Total Rewards account will be automatically upgraded to platinum status. If you're already platinum, it you will maintain your status for the next year. The best perk from having platinum status in Las Vegas is that it allows you to skip the lines at many restaurants and allows you special VIP check-in at your chosen Caesars Entertainment hotel. VIP check-in is awesome because you'll always receive quick service and, often, free upgrades, too.

You'll also receive a Buffet of Buffets pass for two which retails for $100. If you spend $250 on the card in the first 90 days, you'll receive 5,000 Rewards Credits. You'll receive an additional 5,000 Rewards Credits after $750. You'll also receive Rewards Credits for all purchases including 5x awards for every dollar spent inside a Caesars Entertainment casino.

The credit card isn't available until April 1 and there's no mention if you can transfer a balance from another card to get these bonus points. There's also no mention of an annual fee for the card, but Comenity also runs the Victoria's Secret credit card and there's no annual fee for that card. Also, not known yet is the APR.

You can sign up for the new Total Rewards credit card beginning April Fool's Day, but we're pretty sure this isn't a joke. Learn more at totalrewards.com/creditcard.

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