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Is Meat Loaf The Next Star With A Las Vegas Residency?

March 27, 2013 at 12:39 PM | by | ()

Maybe it's a scoop. Maybe it's hype. But, we think it's a very good idea. Casino entertainment bosses take note, Meat Loaf is thinking about Vegas. The larger than life singer and actor is currently prepping for a farewell tour of the U.K. where he has a very loyal fan base. At 65, he feels the rigors of touring are too much and so he's going out with a bang, singing all his greatest hits, from "Bat Out Of Hell" onwards. (Hands up if you're surprised Meat Leaf is 65.)

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News promoting the tour, he dropped this particular nugget:

They’re also working on a Las Vegas production, set for a four week residency, called Rocktails and Cocktails, which starts like an 1960s dance revue before Meat busts out from his secret seat in the audience to call a halt to the Broadway feel and get the rock show started.

We can absolutely visualize that opening and think he'd be a perfect fit for The Strip. The question is where? And, how along are these plans? We're very familiar with this British newspaper and believe reporter Sarah Walters is accurately quoting Mr. Loaf. But, beyond this quote, we can't find any other confirmation. His European tour doesn't end until May 17. We don't expect him to be here on May 18. May 19 might be another story.

Meat Loaf has performed in Las Vegas in recent years and, on a recent album "Hang Cool Teddy Bear," he even included a fictional narrative called "Elvis in Vegas." The lyrics include the repeated line, "I saw Elvis in Vegas." Maybe Meat Loaf needs to perch his residency at LVH to complete the circle.

(Photo: Martin Häusler)

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