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Bask In The Daylight This Summer At Mandalay Bay

Where: 3950 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
March 5, 2013 at 2:44 PM | by | ()

In 'why didn't we guess this one' news, The Light Group has announced the name for its coming soon, already under-construction adult pool at Mandalay Bay and it is -- wait for it --


DAYLIGHT Beach Club is taking over the resort's auxiliary pool (referred to previously as the South or Landshark Lagoon). We first reported the news back in November. The pool experience will span 50,000 square feet and will offer "three wet decks," a vine-shaded stage (see below) for DJs and live acts, and six LED screens for your viewing pleasure. Its 'vibe' will be influenced by Mediterranean party spot, Ibiza:

Conceptualized by James Gundy, DAYLIGHT Beach Club will feature a Mediterranean color palette with cool shades of natural earth-based colors and organic tones. The outdoor venue will feature authentic Mexican wall sconces and fixtures, rustic planters and decorative ironwork in a desert landscape.

When it opens to the public this summer, soak up the daylight here...

...while caving on that swimwear regiment and noshing on sushi and guzzling specialty drinks like this:

You can see yourself in the daylight already, right? (And, no, that won't ever get old.)

DAYLIGHT will splash onto the Vegas pool scene this Memorial Day Weekend on May 25. (Fingers crossed, knock on wood, et al)


Archived Comments:

Oh...joy...another pool "scene"

Great...another favorite hotel has to open a day club complete with thumping techno and rap music that will certainly echo across the rest of the property. I understand the business side of it but it would be nice if it was limited to the weekend or after a certain hour. It's getting so there's no pool area in Vegas where you can just go and chill out.

(Damn Kids!)


The pool parties are by far better than the nightlife in vegas, imo. Less crowded and more relaxed.