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Bolt Barbers Wants To Give Martha Stewart 'Digestive Gas'

March 5, 2013 at 6:49 PM | by | Comments (0)

We recently dialed back our aesthetic enthusiasm for downtown's Shipping Container Park. Nothing personal, you understand. Just being practical regarding the look of a collection of shipping containers on an empty lot. But, a real visual stand-out in this unusual project is L.A.'s Bolt Barbers setting up a no-nonsense barbershop in a real-life train caboose. The Monkey Train.

We gave you all the inside scoop a couple of months ago and they'll be ready for action in July. We've been following their Tumblr photostream to sneak any peek at goings-on at the Park site. We borrowed the images found below from their page.

This month, the geodesic Vortex Immersion Dome (something we also first introduced to you) should arrive on site. It will sit right by the entrance on Fremont. Think a mini-planetarium. With video. We still don't know if they will be projecting film clips, or abstract video or lectures inside this 360-degree projection space. But, the company has been experimenting with broadcasting live events onto the curved Dome walls. Imagine dancing and watching fellow revelers in another part of the country grooving to the same beat.

Anyways, Bolt Barbers' train structure is about a squidillion pounds heavier than the Dome. And, when it arrives, we now have an idea of their interior decor. According to the Bolt crew, their mission is to carefully craft the caboose "in a way that gives Martha Stewart digestive gas." That could easily be the pitch for a new interior design TV show on Bravo. Above, you'll see the fruits of their careful picking. An artistic representation of the evolution of ape to man. Told in skulls. Naturally.

They've also gone old skool with the entertainment. They recently picked up a 1978 DJ console. Two turntables and a microphone. They'll let you spin the wheels of steel while you wait for a shear or shave. Yes, you. You know you've always wanted to have a go.

The Park will begin appearing before our eyes very shortly. We'll keep you posted with the visual updates.

(PHOTOS: Bolt Barbers)

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