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myVEGAS Rewards Are The Real Deal

March 14, 2013 at 2:10 PM | by | ()

You may have wondered why we haven't mentioned much on the myVEGAS Facebook game before now. You might have even thought we didn't know, or forgot about it. Well, let it be known we have been fanatically playing secretly testing the game for the past few months and are happy to report back with results!

Many gamblers spend hours upon hours and tons of money to buy earn diamond, pearl, elite or whatever top notch players club status is available at your casino(s) of choice. This status gives us all kinds of freebies and comps not available to the average Joe. Leaving many non-gamblers, or even the casual one, wondering if there is anyway for them to get comps. We can now say there is! myVEGAS is a virtual game by MGM Resorts game that's played through Facebook and users can win real Vegas rewards!

The game is free to play, all you need is a Facebook account, an MLife number (you can get one here) and some spare time. Game play is focused around gathering "playable" slot chips from virtual Strip casinos and using those to play a variety of games which in turn spit out "Loyalty Points" which you can use to buy rewards. Again, all of this costing nothing to the player.

This Chatter'er recently cashed in his points for four free nights at The Mirage (which includes the resort fee!!), tickets to Cirque du Soleil's LOVE and Zarkana, a $100 dining credit, and two Bellagio buffet passes. That's not bad for a few hours of messing around on the computer, and certainly better than having to risk thousands of dollars at the tables to get those types of comps.

The rewards are endless with more seemingly being added everyday: free hotel rooms, room upgrades, show tickets, dining credits, special events, and bottle service are all available for the right amount of loyalty points.

In the same aspect that you wouldn't expect a platinum or diamond players club status to happen overnight playing at the casino, the same logic applies with myVEGAS. It takes some effort and time to build up enough loyalty points to get some "good" comps, but in this writer's opinion, it's well worth it, especially if you already play any type of games online. And, if you feel the process is moving too slowly, there are numerous groups on Facebook dedicated to helping you devise strategy and gather chips/loyalty points faster.

We were skeptical at first as this seemed too good to be true, but MGM Resorts has ramped up this promotion, touting it all over Twitter, Facebook, and casino homepages. Once we finally bit the bullet and cashed in, everything worked like clockwork, with no issues, or complaints. Having said that, MGM Resorts is currently still refining the game which has resulted in some rule changes, the most important being the limit of three rewards per MLife member in a 30-day window. This still allows for a hotel night, show tickets, and a dinning credit per visit... which isn't too shabby!

With constant reductions in players club benefits, and the impossibility of maintaining a players club by the casual gambler, myVEGAS is a nice way to have a little fun and earn real benefits. If you are planning a trip to Vegas in the future this is a must as you can build up rewards and really treat yourself to that suite you've always wanted, or the VIP bottle service!

If you've been playing myVEGAS, tell us your story -- and share some helpful hints -- below!

Archived Comments:

MyVegas is a winner

We just got back from Vegas where we used our MyVegas rewards.  It's super easy, just take your award confirmation number up to the MLife desk at the casino offering the award and they will give you a slip for whatever you've won. We had 2 free buffets at Mirage, brunch at Border Grill at Mandalay Bay and 2 Shark Reef passes.

I checked yesterday and it looks like they've really reduced what you can win, which is a bummer.

Awesome way to subsidize my trip

I'll be in Vegas next week with my boyfriend and a group of our friends.  We all have been playing myVegas since late last year and recently started cashing in rewards for our trip.  We have a suite at Mandalay Bay, 2 free nights at Luxor, tickets to Zarkana, numerous food & beverage credits at NYNY, Shark Reef passes, and Bellagio Buffet passes.  

Brilliant marketing/brand loyalty move by MGM/Mirage as I now get to spend more of my vacation fund gambling (so they are going to get my $ anyway) and doing so on their properties where I am staying/eating/seeing shows.

This is a great move..

I agree, what a great move on their part, as the more we play and receive rewards and are able to cash in-the more we will stay,drink, and gamble etc within their properties.

Recently Started

I've recently started this game and I must say I'm pretty pumped about testing our the comps.  

I really like the fact that you can customize your experience at the Bellagio Fountians.  Do you know if they just give you a list of the songs or do you actually get to choose one of your favorites?

I wish they would put airfare as a redeemable comp in the game.  This Iowa guy has got cabin fever!

It's free, what's not to like?!

We started playing in December and for a while were ramping up LPs and having no difficulty amassing chips but in January  they seemed to cotton on that people were using the scheme to get never ending freebies so brought in the 3 in 30 days rule, stopped people from sharing chips and being able to get up to 50,000 chips a day.  It created a lot of dissatisfaction in the ranks but personally I think it's free, get over it!

We went in Feb for two weeks and had accrued about 15 rewards between two of us (it was before the 3 in 30 days rule came in) but we only redeemed 4! Luckily the refunded our LPs for the rest. For me the best by far are the Bellagio buffet and the $75 credit at Bar at Times Square, but it's horses for courses! We're now saving up for summer now but the LPs are a lot harder to get than they were.  

Other fun things about the game are the scans that are dotted around the casinos. They give you a spin and sometimes will give you cards or other promo merchandise, or others free booze. My husband was the recipient of two Margaritas at Luxor which he enjoyed - until the next day.

Lastly the community is awesome, there are some hardcore players and some fed up people who remember 'the good old days' and are always threatening to quit the game, but funnily enough never do, and just continue to moan! Makes for a great read on Facebook.

To me this is a win, win and I'm surprised that Caesars haven't come up with a viable competitor yet.  Although apparently some people do pay for chips - go figure!

Combining Nights

So, I am wondering how Vegas Chatter did 4 nights??  In the same stay?  I was thinking about cashing in my points for 2 nights at Luxor, but the 2 nights are sold out, so I though, oh, maybe I'll just do two of the single night rewards; however I read the T&C's and it looks like only one can be claimed per MyVegas player in a years time or something... ALSO, does anyone know if an upgrade fee can be paid at the front desk?  


Only negative seems to be that Vegas locals can't get free rooms. Everything else seems legit. I let it run in the background a few times a day so maybe some day I'll get some awesome rewards.

There are facebook groups that share tips and coins. Just search MyVegas for more info.

although the only drawback is...

that you can only redeem 3 rewards in a 30 day rule...that's kind of a bummer if you want to redeem more, especially if you are staying for a while and have the points to be able to redeem more than three.

But redeeming three is good enough anyhow!


Oh, hey, has anyone checked out the mobile app?!??!?  I was at work the other day, wondering if there is a mobile MyVegas app for my iPhone.  I was so excited to see there was, until I noticed it said that the app only works in Vegas, and more or less made it sound like its almost like a scavenger hunt or something.  Anyone care to elaborate?

The mobile app....

....is called "Viva MyVegas," and you can use it to scan QR codes in person at various MGM properties (and from time to time on their FB group too.)

Each code gives you a free spin, earning chips or loyalty points.

Writers reply to comments

@Furls We dont know about the song selection for the fountains but at 1 million LP's, its costly. Let us know if you ever get there.

@buffgirl73 While its true they have made refinements to "slow the progress" of players. We feel that it was altered to better benefit both parties. I think MGM explained it best when they made the changes "this game wasn't meant to completely subsidize your trip but compliment it."

@RLPonyLover One secret trick..the rewards are "refreshed" every morning between 7am and 7:30am Vegas time. So if you see sold out...keep trying at the refresh time, they always add a few but they go FAST. It is true that you can only purchase each reward once per year I think, we had a second player that allowed us that ability to get 2- 2 night stays at Mirage.

Writers reply to comments

@RLPonyLover "wondering if there is a mobile MyVegas app for my iPhone"

For those so inclined there are "flash browsers" such as Puffin or Photon that allow you to access the myVegas app through the facebook website, but no direct app yet.

My facebook name is different from my real name

is that going to be a problem?  Anyone know who's cashed in the rewards?  

Different names

That is no problem...when you cash out for rewards you must enter your real name and contact info

why only 3 at a time!

Seems silly as being a non local who only can visit vegas once a year. Limiting awards would be a bad thing. I can see how awesome it would be to cash in rewards every month if you were a local or even in the same time zone.  

For me Vegas is not something I can decide to do on a whim.  It is several months of planning (and playing)

Fountain Song

You get to pick one of the ones that is preprogramed. I think they limit the times too. I believe it is only good during the daylight hours.


That makes it much less worth it.

Fountain Song

For sure and at 1,000,000 credits it is insane. I suppose they just don't want people redeeming it left and rgiht, but you can get penthouse rewards for less than that, lol

Get More MyVegas Chips

You may have noticed, your bonus chips from chip neighboring and chip feeds start to get scaled once you have a bankroll above a certain amount. It scales drastically once your bankroll is over 50K.

I recommend playing blackjack and getting your bankroll below 40K, and then collecting chips through feeds and sends.

Friend me on facebook "Jenny MyVegas Yang" and I'll send you coins on a daily basis! Holla :D

Correction on locals...

The day I saw @eastcoastgambler post about locals not being eligible was a dark day for my BFF, who is herself a local.  We had this great plan of both of us redeeming nights at some point when I am in town so she can enjoy a little staycation action.  I sent her the link to this page and she was bummed about locals not being able to get free rooms.  I have read the terms and conditions inside and out and don't see that anywhere.  I called Aria tonight to claim a complimentary night courtesy of MyVegas, and I asked the reservations agent on the line about whether or not a local could book using an award.  She placed me on hold and checked with her manager and was told that was incorrect, locals are allowed to claim complimentary award nights.  The only reason a local wouldn't be able to is if they were an actual employee of MGM Resorts.  I figured I would pass this good news along!! :)

MyVegas Friends

The members of MyVegas friends take great pride in helping players to make the most out of their MyVegas experience and are always there to help you with gamer strategy, maximizing lps and adding friends.
MyVegas friends is the only group on facebook that is working exclusively with MyVegas and Play Studios. Because of this special relationship the group and the game makers have you will find deals in that group that cant be found elsewhere. Also the PlayStudios staff frequent the page and communicate regularly with the admin to keep everyone on the same page.
This link
Will get you to the front door of the group simply click join and one of the admin team will approve your admission.

Comp Room/Comp Room Bonus

Whats the difference between the comp room bonus and just comp room?

Not very impressed

Wow, are all the comments here posted by paid writers?  Four nights of free rooms for a few hours of play?  I'm sorry, but I'm really suspicious about that comment.  It took me more than a week of playing to get enough tokens to earn a companion buffet ticket, which means I would have to pay for one meal to get a "free" meal.  That's not something I'll have to worry about, though.  When I clicked on "connect" to connect to Facebook, my whole account reset to zero.  When I put in a support request, I was told I would have to sync the app with the Facebook version, which is impossible because I don't have it on Facebook.

Reward redemption

I am reading that a person may only redeem 3 rewards at once. Does that apply if you have a spouse and they have a separate MyVegas facebook account? Also does anyone know if the two buffets under one reward counts as one or two?

MyVegas playability

@Azzizzi - The game has gone downhill lately-  rewards are not nearly what they were earlier in the year. I've been playing for 9 Months and can comp a couple of rooms and get a 50% off coupon for $150 worth of food.  Game play has gone down hill significantly.

@maryannwick - You can redeem 3 and your  spouse can redeem 3.

How they did it

Probably they did this before all the game restrictions were set in play, in the beginnings there were no limits on the comps and a person could play along with their significant other and get a 2 night suite each, since that time they have reduced the rooms to basic rooms with only a discount or at best a 1 night stay. Also they have reduced the rewards to a max of 3 per 30 rolling days where in the beginning months as people were just finding out about the game you could cash as many comps as you could attain points to acquire.

No rewards for locals

I attempted to redeem my points for Zumanity 2nd companion ticket only to find out that locals cannot redeem points, not if you're a resident of Las Vegas. I tried to find out where exactly is that spelled out and was unsuccessful. I feel like I've been misled.

Buffet questions

My wife and I are going to be staying at the Monte Carlo in July. I would like to know if the 2 for one buffet reward allows me to buy my meal and my wife's will be free?

Buffet Question #2

I also would like two know if I cash in the two breakfast buffets options, can I use one of them for my wife.

Comps for Locals

I was wondering if anyone knows the official rules for locals redeeming comps. Can locals redeem them at all or are there certain restrictions? Thanks

MyWgas rewards

I just want to be sure, after you redeem a myVegas reward you will not be able to redeem that reward again. For example, 1 dinner buffet from the Bellagio. I know there are some rewards that say that the reward is limited to 1 per myVegas player meaning that if you redeem it once you cannot redeem it again. Am I understanding this correctly?