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Las Vegas Souvenirs: The Good, The Bad, And The WTF

March 8, 2013 at 12:24 PM | by | ()

We recently took a stroll through the Bonanza Gift Shop in hopes of running into Brangelina, but when they were nowhere to be found, we instead browsed the miles of aisles inside Las Vegas’ largest souvenir store in search of the city’s most notable (and horrendous) keepsakes.

The Good
We’re pragmatists when it comes to souvenirs. Nothing too crazy, easy to pack, and not tacky. We like a subtle hint of Vegas now and then. It makes us long for Sin City when going about our ho-hum suburban life.

Shot Glasses

o We don’t miss the high price of dranks in Vegas, but when we booze it up at home with our Vegas shot glasses, blurry memories of doing body shots for hours with beautiful strangers come back to us.

Fridge Magnets

o Use them to hang up your kid’s artwork to remember what it was like to escape.
o A glance at your Vegas fridge magnet can serve as thinspiration for your next trip. Is that pint of ice cream really worth it?


o Another functional and subtle souvenir! Just make sure to get it back from your moocher friends.
o You can buy them, or play a game with your friends to see who can steal collect the most casino pens. Think of all the ink you’ll have for drawing obscene figures on your friends when they pass out later.

Chocolate Slot Machine

o Don’t have anywhere to store your Vegas stuff? Not even pens?! Well, okay then, eat it.
o We like chocolate. We like slot machines. So, you can imagine why we’d eat this kitschy souvenir right up!

Vegas Golf Balls

o Whether you’re a gentlemen, or a lady, on the fairway, this keepsake will remind you of when you had the balls to get wild in Vegas.

The Bad
We’re seriously wondering who even buys these sorts of things. They’re not cool even in an ironic way.

Offensive T-Shirts

o Ugh. No. Really, where in the world are these appropriate attire?

Las Vegas Flip Flops

o Just. No.

Lame keychains

o Even a little Las Vegas charm can’t make this Croc sandal keychain look cool.

Dice Clocks

o TSA should really confiscate these sort of things. Dice clocks are an act of terror in the interior decorating world.

The WTF?!
Some of these are so bad, they’re good.

Glitter-Filled High Heel

o The Vegas version of a snow globe!


o Grandmama is sure to love this!

Elvis Onesie

o Please, don’t take your child to Vegas until you’re celebrating a 21st birthday. Until then, bring Vegas to them.

Vegas Sippy Cup

o We can’t decide if this makes your toddler look cool, or if this makes you look like a bad parent?

Vegas Condoms

o No bachelor/bachelorette party is complete without them!

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Every time we are in Vegas (9 times last year) I always include this place on my MUST GO IN list. Yet, I don't think we have ever purchased anything there except a bottle of Grey Goose once. They do have some cool bottles of liquor in that area. We will be back a week from today! Of course we will visit this place again.


A store full of this stuff is overwhelming and it all starts to look the same but....when I get home from my LV trip, I am glad to have my morning java in my gold-trimmed LV coffee mug.

I Heard it is Closing

I heard Bonanza Gift Shop is closing. If true I will really miss the place. They have a lot of neat stuff.