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Station Casinos Downgrades Some Of Their Best Video Poker

March 8, 2013 at 8:31 PM | by | ()

The headline in Vegas Inc. is strong, "Station Casinos eliminates many of its highest-paying video poker machines." But, it's really just a spin-off of a press release by WMS Gaming on their new video poker games called My Poker Machines. The machines are pretty cool. They allow you to design the look and feel for each game to your specifications. But we digress, back to the headline.

Station Casinos has removed some of the best paying video poker machines for these new bright and shiny games. But, they haven't removed them all. Some of the 100%+ returning games, however, are gone.

While checking out the new Lucky Bar at Red Rock Resort last night, we found that our favorite banks of full pay Jacks or Better (9/6) and Bonus Poker (8/5) video poker machines remain. These video poker games only have 99% returns so they aren't the games where the player has the advantage. Those machines may have had the pay tables downgraded at Red Rock, but they were so full that we didn't get a chance to check. The machines are located by the doors with a gnarly draft and the only reason to sit there when it's cold is for the good returns so we'll assume they're still the same.

Still, we never like to see some of the best gambling options leave the casino. Station Casinos contends that they still have 27,000 video poker machines across their properties that have 99% returns with another 2,100 still offering 100% returns or greater. If playing a lesser game bothers you, we recommend that you take a look at vpFREE2 (bookmark their mobile site on your smartphone) to locate where the best video poker games are supposed to be and double check the pay tables to make sure that the games still exist when you visit your favorite Station Casino.

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