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The Sportsbooks Are Ready For The NFL Season... Are You?

April 19, 2013 at 4:34 PM | by | Comments (2)

Everyone that loves sports loves the NFL. The NFL never goes to sleep. It only naps. The NFL is the only professional sports league where people are excited about learning who and when their team will play. Last night, the NFL released the schedule for every team for the next season. People are so into the NFL schedule release that ESPN devoted a TV special for it.

Football is, by far, the most bet on sport in Vegas sportsbooks and release of the schedule has sportsbooks moving quickly to meet the excitement with the release of point spreads. The first casino to release point spreads was the world famous LVH SuperBook.

Thursday, September 5

●Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos -9.5

Sunday, September 8
●New England Patriots -7 at Buffalo Bills
●Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears -3.5
●Miami Dolphins -1 at Cleveland Browns
●Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions -3
●Oakland Raiders at Indianapolis Colts -7
●Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints -2.5
●Tampa Bay Buccaneers at NY Jets Pick
●Tennessee Titans at Pittsburgh Steelers -6.5
●Seattle Seahawks -3.5 at Carolina Panthers
●Kansas City Chiefs -2.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars
●Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers -2.5
●Arizona Cardinals at St. Louis Rams -6
●Houston Texans -3.5 at San Diego Chargers
●NY Giants at Dallas Cowboys -2.5

Monday, September 9

●Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins -5.5

These point spreads will likely change quickly as people bet on the games so don't expect to find them unless you're in Vegas right now. In a couple of weeks, we can expect Cantor Gaming to be the next sportsbook to release point spreads on the NFL. You can see the entire schedule for the season on NFL.com.

After a long nap this weekend, the NFL will treat us with the player entry draft next week. There's no legal sports betting on the draft in Las Vegas so first week spreads will have to suffice for football bettors.

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Comments (2)

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There are 2 Monday Night Football games in Week 1

The game left off this list is Houston at San Diego + 3 1/2.


Good eye. Thanks for the heads up. The list has been updated.

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