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'CSI Meets Goretorium: My Stay At The Quad'

Where: 3535 Las Vegas Boulevard South [map], 89109
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We're fanatical about Vegas to the point that we read popular travel message boards just to find out what folks are reporting, or wondering. Oftentimes, we see posts inquiring if Imperial Palace The Quad is really as awful as everyone jokes, says or implies. Responses vary, naturally, from those who say run to others who say it ain't so bad for the money you save.

Recently, VegasChatter friend @sammasseur checked into The Quad and sent us photos from his stay. We asked him if he could write about his experience so that we could share it with other readers, and this is his story:

I'm a Downtown Vegas kind of guy, but like to take in The Strip a little from time to time. On my previous visit this past January, I spent one night on Fremont and the next three at The Quad. It was a disastrous experience, and the "classic" room they assigned me was so far in the dark depths of the property that cellular service didn't work. Sunlight barely streamed in the windows through a small gap between my balcony and the parking garage. Too bad that some of the light bulbs actually worked, otherwise I wouldn't have seen the years of caked-on filth that adorned the walls, ceilings, light fixtures, and carpeting.

But, I chalked it up to their transitional growing pains and let things slide, vowing to revisit further down the road. And, last week, I did just that. Being already booked at the El Cortez Cabana Suites for four nights, I checked the CET website for a one-night deal to do another "Strip night." And, this time, they offered me a "deluxe" room at The Quad for only $11.99 plus tax (no resort fee as this was prior to the because-you-demanded-it announcement.) Well, a DEE-LUXE room would have to be better maintained than that dungeon from January, right? That depends on your perspective, it would seem.

Having stayed here before, I knew my way around the labyrinth from parking lot to reservation desk. It was three hours before check-in time, but since there was no line, it wouldn't hurt to ask. Ben the desk agent said the early hour wasn't a problem as I was a Total Rewards member, and even suggested that I use the TR counter on future visits to avoid long lines. I requested a room overlooking Carnaval Court, which they apparently don't like to assign due to frequent noise complaints. But, I wanted an actual view this time, and Ben was most accomodating to my request. In fact, all of the staff I encountered during my stay were chipper, pleasant, and efficient.

The elevators -- though filthy and noisy -- were relatively fast, and my room was easy to find (1788 in the tower nearest The Strip). But, this is where my stay turned into a nightmare. Three months had done nothing to change the housekeeping standards in The Quad and the bright afternoon light showed everything that I wished I hadn't seen. The pictures speak for themselves, but this place is a little bit CSI: The Experience and a whole lotta Eli Roth's Goretorium (the attraction that depicts the horrors of a closed hotel where a fictional massacre once took place). Splotches of DNA scattered every surface, along with human hairs within the bedsheets and several varieties of mold, mildew and mystery matter that might even confound that doctor on House. In the hallways, shards of broken glass and dark wet spots on the carpeting made me wonder what sort of crime had recently taken place here. One spotted trail even led under the door to another guest room. CSI experience, indeed.

All of this made me very glad that I travel with an electronic pest repeller and a bottle of Clorox hard-surface disinfectant. They were most appreciated, and the only reason I even stayed in the room overnight. There is just no excuse for this kind of neglect, casino renovations or not. The last I heard, housekeepers weren't building The Linq any more than the construction workers were changing sheets in the guestrooms.

The new casino, however, was bright and cheerful, and the cocktail service was very fast. They use the two-person system now with an "ambassador" entering orders into a hand-held device and a cocktail waitress delivering the drinks. That evening I took in both Recycled Percussion and Divas Las Vegas. Very entertaining and inexpensive shows that offered free meet-and-greets afterward. Then it was back to that filthy guestroom. Cue the scary music.

If only CET had given a fraction of attention to The Quad hotel rooms as they've given to everything else, I might be considering yet another stay. But, unless it's Halloween season, I'll be giving this Goretorium/CSI hybrid a pass from now on.

(PHOTOS: sammasseur)

Archived Comments:

Not excited

I haven't stayed at that property in five years. The first and last time was... unpleasant. I have to go to Vegas this June, and the only CET property offering me free nights over the weekend I need to be there is The Quad. Cheap beats queasy any day. While I'm looking forward to experiencing the new casino, I'm not thrilled about being back in one of those rooms, not even a Deluxe Luv Tub room (I'm weak and cannot resist Vegas cheese).

Pray for me.

Free or no way

The only times I have stayed at the Ip/Quad is when I get the room practically for free. I would never pay to stay there for the very reasons the article mentions.

The beds and baths have mostly been clean but it's the room windows, hallways and elevators that are so darn dirty. What are those dark spots on the carpet? They remind me of my grandma's nursing home whose hallway is full of spots where the older folks had "accidents".

What also gets me are the "sights".  Example: Walking down a hallway trying to find my room, I was treated to an open door featuring a very old man sitting on the edge of his bed in his socks and underwear (no shirt), eating a sandwich.What is that?

An honor

Never had the honor of staying at Quad / IP. Played there every time though and love(d it). :-)

What is the plan

Has anyone heard what the plan is for the Quad? I know they have improved the casino, but are there any intentions of room renovations?


Caesars Entertainment has not mentioned anything about improvements to the rooms at The Quad. If it is planned, it seems to be far down the list.

Looks Great

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