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Binion's About To Get Real And Confidential

April 3, 2013 at 2:55 PM | by | ()

Suckers for Reality TV. VegasChatter and any Vegas-based show sitting in a tree. You know the drill. We eat, sleep, and drink it. Last year, we even pitched a casino reality show starring Binion's. It seems TLC stole focused that idea into a show solely shot at the downtown casino.

Casino Confidential premieres Thursday, April 4 for an initial six-episode run. The show promises to capture stories of "unruly high rollers, all-night party goers, and bachelor parties gone rogue" from the perspective of casino staff. Judging by the below trailer, the show looks two parts American Casino and The Casino, one part Binion's storied past, and marinated with plenty of Vegas Strip.

The bosses, security, cowgirls and dining staff are all featured in the promo reel. Here's to hoping we get more reality than TV; participants and witnesses to the roundup at :17 to :18 look a little too happy in our opinion. But, as long as TLC learned from the show that must not be named, we'll be watching.

We stumbled across a film crew notice back in the summer of 2011, but our mug never ended up on TV and haven't crossed camera crews since. Turns out that filming was for Casino Confidential although we aren't sure if just for a pilot or the season that's airing now. Either way it's new to us and our DVR is set.

The show airs on TLC each Thursday at 8ET/7C for six weeks.

Update 4/3: @blairs1 points out that while Casino Confidential may be new to us in the U.S., it's been airing on Canada's TV Tropolis for awhile now. Man, those northern neighbors are always ahead of the curve lately.

[Photo: TLC]

Archived Comments:

Was already on in Canada?

This aired here about a year ago on our TVTropolis channel
<a href="http://www.cineflixproductions.com/shows/111-Casino-Confidential">http://www.cineflixproductions.com/shows/111-Casino-Confidential</a>

Looks like the same show.


Yep, a fellow Canadian alerted us to the same and we updated the story above.  Thanks for the link!  Here it is for clicking - the TVTropolis site has a more in depth preview vid for those interested.

Cover Your Eyes Awful

I've seen two of the episodes and it's terrible. Everything's staged and the production values are as cheap as they come.


After watching the Canadian preview I worried my fear of "staged reality" was going to be justified.  Sounds like it is from your comment.  I'll still watch at the least the first couple episodes and go from there.  It CAN'T be as bad as Sin City Rules, right?  I hope...?

Where to start

Two episodes aired tonight...where do I start?  It was juuuust a tad cheesier and fake than I'd hoped

  1. ditching the narrator who sounds like the same one from the masked magician shows would de-cheese it
  2. the groom to be in the bachelor party who called his fiance "wife" and seemed to be already wearing a wedding ring
  3. the on the job training for a poker dealer and blackjack dealer. Is schooling and certification not required prior to landing a dealer's job now?
  4. that same poker dealer who was 'dealing a real tournament table'...yet all tables behind her seemed to be on break

The parts of running a casino and the real interactions if there were any were interesting.  But I don't get why reality shows feel the need to completely stage scenes.

Btw this is the same footage that was filmed in 2011 - back when there were hotel rooms and housekeeping.