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A Night At Nobu

April 24, 2013 at 12:27 PM | by | ()

If actor Gary Busey were to describe a stay at the newly opened Nobu Hotel within Caesars Palace, our guess is he would state Nobu stands for Nourishing Our Bodies Undoubtedly. Unfortunately, VegasChatter can't pull off a Busey-ism so we best describe our recent stay the only way we know how -- with images and text that hopefully don't make you go hmmm.

We've previously reported on the sexy, the tech, the view and nosh samples at Nobu, even those bites tucked in a drawer. But, what is it like to experience a stay?

The first impression for Nobu newbies might just be mild confusion. Unlike the Octavius Tower which debuted with dedicated entrance and valet, Nobu shares its valet with the Caesars one at the main entrance. From there, guests make their way toward the bowels of Caesars to find the front desk nestled in a small opening between the Gossy Room and Old Homestead steakhouse. Even with posted signs pointing the way we bumped into one lost traveler phoning a friend to ask where Nobu was located. This when she was just 1,000 feet away.

Nobu's placement is mostly by design, however, as the hotel describes its concept as that of “wrapping a luxurious boutique hotel around energized public spaces... to create powerful stages for shared experiences of excitement and escapism." The casino floors and public spaces of Caesars Palace certainly define energized. The escapism begins from the moment one steps into the front desk area and receives a key to their "private" elevator. To reach guest rooms, the room key must be scanned and a floor selected which summons an elevator for a direct route. It sounds simple, but in practice is just different enough that multiple guests commented they still weren't used to it after a few up and down trips. It's not quite Willy Wonka, but is one of Nobu's guest introductions to superior service.

Our king room was very similar to the standard room previously previewed, decorated in a neutral palette with that sweeping calligraphy on the wall that reminded this writer of an abstract version of our friend Andrea. Some of the missing accents we observed (or rather didn't) on the early visit like throw pillows have since been added. But, where the aesthetics didn't sell us on the tour, it is the experience that seals the deal.

The modern Japanese motif is strongest in the bathroom's design and is where the unexpected touches we missed in the earlier walk-through starts to soften and luxurious-ize Nobu. We'll detail the various amenities and touches that elevate the stay later this week but we will say that if this bathroom fit into our suitcase, we'd have taken it with us. Not just the shampoos and soaps. Everything from the sink to the sitting area and semi-enclosed shower. Sure, we'd add a second sink and separate the toilet but the basics of the blueprint works.

The soundproofing in the room was better than most in our experience which is a great start to a good night's sleep, but a disappointing bed will quickly ruin that. Not the case here at Nobu, though. While the bed wasn't drift away enveloping, it offers a near perfect balance of support without being too stiff. It's the pillows that seal the deal in this case. A pillow menu is available if the provided ones aren't to your liking. These put us into an immediate state of Zzzzzzzs which never, ever happens. The sake may have helped some... but still.

We'd highlighted the view from here previously, but it bears repeating again since ours was nearly the same during our stay. And other reviews we've seen so far prefer to crop and zoom their Strip-view photos. What you see above is what you get. Not horrendous, but don't expect to reach out and touch the Paris balloon. Or, if you do try, prepare to stretch from the Caesars rooftops that we left in the shot. Nobu designers did try to work with the space they were given. Looking down and in, a serene scene depicting a woman taking in an outdoor spa (ok, soaking in a stream) was placed on the walls of the building. It's difficult to make out in pictures, but here ya go:

Later this week, we'll go over the amenities and service of Nobu that truly made this a luxurious stay. We'd compare the room experience here to other luxury Las Vegas hotels with rates similar to nearby Cosmopolitan starting at $269. Those that prefer being near the thick of things yet at the same time indulging in exclusivism escapism should be happy at Nobu. Those that don't, won't. Within Caesars Palace itself, we preferred Nobu's rooms over the Octavius Tower's for the money. Ironically, the bathroom was our favorite area of that room also. Maybe, we need to rethink how much time we spend there. If we were granted a couple magic wishes it would be that Nobu had Octavius' views and dedicated valet entrances. Then we could truly escape into Nobu -- and quickly at that.

Editor's Note: Our stay at Nobu Hotel was part of a media invite, but our opinions remain our own.

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