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SkyVue Asleep At The Observation Wheel

April 3, 2013 at 5:54 PM | by | ()

In all our excitement of telling you about the third observation slash Ferris wheel proposed for the Las Vegas Strip, we didn't give you a full update on our favorite revolving underdog, SkyVue Las Vegas Super Wheel. And now, they've gone and done the update for us. Sort of. And, wait to you hear what we found.

SkyVue recently redesigned their website. Not much of an improvement, but while they wait for all those extra and pesky parts to build an actual observation wheel, it looks like they have some time on their hands. The new website is more pitched towards to possible investors and "sponsors" than the general public. At the bottom of the page it clearly says, "the brands represented within this website are for presentation purposes only. There is no direct association between these companies and SkyVue." We're proud to think we have a hand in that.

We have unequivocally and repeatedly drawn attention to SkyVue's habit of using the logos of possible, and maybe even plausible, clients on artistic renderings of this future project. Right now, on their new updated website, they are still promoting Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants as a future possible or plausible client. As we previously reported, we were told by the Cooper's Hawk company, and we quote, "Unfortunately we are no longer working on a deal at Skyvue." The rendering is still on the new website. But, you know, "presentation purposes only."

Also on the freshly squeezed web pages, a new web cam. See here. It was updating about every two seconds on our computer hookup. And, what is it showing? Same scene as before. No cranes. No visible signs of escalated progress. Yet.

So, we've been unrelenting in our rampant skepticism of this project ever coming to pass. In a much more polite vein, local Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani even expressed her doubts in a very public forum. But, rather than continue to dump on this concept, we leave you with one thing to consider. See if it bothers you, the way it seriously concerns us.

To sum, SkyVue just created a brand new redesigned website with the purpose of enticing multi-million dollar brands and investors. Ok? If that is so, why, oh why, does the map for this project -- the very map to help money men decide where to put their dollars -- why after previously drawing attention to it, still features the Sahara, Aladdin, the Frontier, Stardust and Westward Ho. We're really excited about the Echelon project listed on the map. That sounds cool.

Seriously, would you invest $5 in a company that lacks any sort of quality control? Do they live here? This is the best face they want to put forward? The best way to represent Las Vegas? Are they making fun of the City Council that approved SkyVue? Should we trust them to build an observation wheel? Think about it. We do. Every time we see that empty, empty lot across from Mandalay Bay.

Now, if you'd like to bypass our testiness, you can keep up with SkyVue's progress on social media. They do have a Facebook page. SkyVue is a $300 million project. How many Facebook "likes"? Seventy four. They have a Twitter account. Same $300 million project. How many Twitter followers? 1,639. If this were our business we'd instantly fire whoever is running their marketing. Hey, hire us instead for big money and stop the bleeding. Even the small things inspire no confidence. Facebook says their address is "123 TBD Drive, Las Vegas, NV." Tenants are "to be determined," too.

In the meantime, within a shamefully uncritical local newspaper story, Skyvue says big chunky parts on the way and, by May, we might witness some progress on the Las Vegas wheel. Just super.

(Photo and map: Skyvue Las Vegas)

Archived Comments:

Another Wheel Rant

You seem weirdly fixated on these wheels. While the map is clearly wrong, it's unlikely that something like that will keep investors from sending money.

As for social media, Twitter and Facebook are irrelevant at this point. Until they get the money to finish, their best move would be to stay under the radar as far as the general public is concerned. Why would they want 50,000 "Likes" if their competition is going to open before them? After all, the average Vegas visitor probably isn't going to bother keeping up with dueling wheels. They'll see the operating one and assume it's the one they "Liked", even if it's not.

Because it deserves a rant

A company that overlooks such details is doomed to failure. While I do actually like the idea of there being a wheel in Vegas and I don't love the location of the linq one. The location isn't that much better and I think that the linq one will be a minor success. I don't what you do with the land there, but this wheel should have never been approved after they had already approved the Linq one.

You Never Know

Who thought that SLS would come up with the needed investors in time?!? So, I'm not assuming that the project is dead, but one can hope.

That big of an LED screen is just going to be glaring. I'm surprised that the FAA seemed to approve this without a fight. One of the reasons that the Rio's laser lights (I think it was Rio, right? I remember when the Hilton had them also) were removed was because of pilot distraction issues.

Caesars Entertainment has to be praying that this thing fails. It WILL become THE Las Vegas wheel people talk about if it gets completed.

The Big Maybe

I must admit to being a skeptic of this project as well.  In comments to the two big LV papers I've pointed out the developer of Skyvue has a sketchy past and has been caught in several falsehoods.  But, what surprises me is no LV news hounds have checked out the claims of the developer that major parts and structures of Skyvue have been paid for and are on the way.  If true, it'd be a simple matter of contacting the suppliers and getting verification.

Here's my theory:  The developer started construction with a, "If we start building they (investors) will come."  And, he sunk all his money into that initial thrust hoping to cover the costs of those ordered parts as the money caught up.  But, there's no indication significant money has come in.  In fact, the developer's seeming desperation for funds tends to demonstrate his empty pockets are the reason the project is stalled.   I strongly suspect he can't pay for the parts he's ordered.

I get no joy from thinking Skyvue is DOA.  Like others here, I want the LV economy to thrive and prosper.  Another failed project and blighted site is not good for any of us.  But, this does not change my perception the developer is not going to pull this one off.


Just the rental cost of the scaffold and stairs alone has to be very high.
It has been in place for months just gathering dust.

Opening isn't easy

If you've opened a business you know it wasn't easy. Where do you focus your efforts most? Social media or investor relations? Most would choose investor relations and this is just where the company may be at this point. Like the first commenter said I wouldn't give two bones about how many Followers and Likes I have if I'm not open. Social media is a tool, a very small one too, and shouldn't be the only measurement of any businesses success.

If this was a small business they'd want to build a pre-opening presence, but as it sits at the start of the Vegas strip which attracts ~40MM visitors a year I don't think they'll have an issue with marketing.

Never will happen

We live right next door to the So called Skyvu at Oasis Apartments the owner of teh apartments also owns Skyvu and the place is so bad never keeps it up going to leaving soon.

No shocker here

Still no progress on it.. I guess there's only room for one observation wheel in the city.