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What's Going On With Gold Spike's Hotel Rooms?

Where: 217 Las Vegas Boulevard North [map], 89101
April 9, 2013 at 11:33 PM | by | ()

First sexy blackjack disappears, now its hotel rooms?

Either Downtown's Gold Spike is doing gangbusters or its pulling all of its accommodations from public access. We first got a tip that something was amiss late this morning when a fan passed along news of a possible closure. We called Gold Spike where an operator assured us the casino wasn't closing, but that they were no longer taking hotel reservations. A subsequent trip to Gold Spike's website showed no availability beginning this Sunday through September 2014.

We sent an 'enquiring minds want to know' note to a PR rep who let us know they'd look into it for us, but we've yet to hear more. Another call to Gold Spike tonight put us on the line with a very terse operator who informed us that rooms would not be available through June, but gave no further explanation.

So, what's going on at the Spike? Some folks on Facebook may know. Comments by Gold Spike fans on its Facebook page alluding to possible trouble/rumors, spotted by this Chatter'er earlier in the day, have since been scrubbed from its page.

If you know something and want to pass it along anonymously, send it to us at tips@vegaschatter.com. In the meantime, we'll keep poking around.

Archived Comments:

Tony "Shay"

Tony Hsieh owns a note (loan) on the place according to a recent R-J article that covered Hsieh's vast holdings downtown. Many speculate that it is a precursor to Hsieh buying the property.

Siegal Suites owner Steve Seigal (not to be confused with the actor) just bought a bunch of apartments along the Fremont corridor east of Maryland. Perhaps he's done with The Spike and/or Hsieh is making him an offer too good to resist and/or there will be future cooperation.

If Hsieh keeps The Western's gaming license up-to-date and pairs it with The Spike and turns both into friendly places for all the new tech people that will be moving downtown (who wouldn't be caught dead at the Fremont and can't afford to hang at Downtown Grand), he'd basically be book-ending his armadillo (or lama or whatever they are calling his holdings this week).

The Spike is a lot less fun anyway since they fixed it up. Dollar blackjack, 75 cent drinks, a huge penny slot area (real penny slots, not the machines they have now), and smoke so thick you couldn't see through it always made for an interesting experience back in the day. That was the REAL Nevada!

First Room Rates SPIKED for June

I noticed something was amiss when I was looking for room for the first week of June and rates were showing up at $200 a night (after being $25 a night when I did a search the week before).