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Watch: Fly Like An Eagle On The Rio's VooDoo Zip Ride

Where: 3700 W. Flamingo Road [map], 89103
May 1, 2013 at 7:39 PM | by | ()

Strap in for yet more exclusive, up-to-the-minute VooDoo Zip Ride news. It's the so crazy it just might work attraction destined to fly you between the twin towers of the Rio and then back again... backwards. Three hundred and fifty seven feet up in the air. And, up to 33 miles an hour. We have the very latest details and also a video preview from the company building the ride.

Here's what will happen. Tickets will be bought on the second floor of the Rio. You'll be "screened, briefed, and then escorted by staff," as you head up in the elevator to the VooDoo Lounge. They'll be building the launching platform on the outside deck. At this point, you are on the 50th floor of the Masquerade Tower. Below you is the Ipanema Tower, a mere 192 feet tall. You'll zip down to the roof of the Ipanema and then zoom back. Heading upwards and backwards, if that makes sense. It's 726 feet each way, with a total ride time of about 1 minute and 10 seconds.

Feet firmly back on the VooDoo Lounge Deck, you'll be escorted back downstairs. We'd bet serious money there will also be a gift shop and some sort of photo and video souvenir opportunity.

Unlike many zip rides, this one will be seated and built by the Soaring Eagle Zip Lines company using a motorized principle. That's how you can go backwards. If the thing gets stuck and you can't fly back, they are creating roof access in the Ipanema Tower to bring you down. Soaring Eagle operates ten locations in the U.S. and Canada. We trust their construction skills. We should, we want to be the first ones soaring over the pool area.

"Weather permitting," they would like to be open every day, from noon to midnight. We wonder if they'll add a surcharge for a night run. And, if you think this thing isn't tall enough, they do need to file FAA Form 7460-1 with the Department of Aviation to warn them they are constructing that high in the air, potentially close to or distracting aircraft. (We found the form for you here just in case you are thinking of building something similar in your backyard.)

Last we heard, they would like it be operational this summer, but don't hold us to that. When we know a firmer date, we'll let you know. If you still can't visualize a seated zip ride, take a look at Soaring Eagle's promotional video. We think Screaming Eagle might be a more appropriate name.

(Photo: Soaring Eagle Zip Line, Rio Las Vegas)

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Um, yeah, I'm totally ok with you going first, Richard ;)


Wonder if they'll add a weight surcharge...looks like the cable is flexing a bit in that photo?

'Weather permitting'...a fair point, it can get quite windy up on the 50th floor at the Rio.

Sounds fun though, if they build it I'm up for a go!


Always something new going on somewhere. Look forward to seeing it when it finishes.